Why do I run????

This weeks competition on #extramile is adding the hashtag ‘reason’ to your photos or twitter account. (Click here to find out more). This made me start thinking about why I run? I know that I wrote a similar post last year here, but I wonder if the reasons had changed.  I think originally it was because I wanted to keep fit after giving up playing basketball. Then, when my dad was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, I told him I would run a 16-mile run, and raise money for the association. I knew this made him proud. He knew that there was no cure for the disease, so throughout his suffering, he used to travel up to London to allow tests to be completed on him. He hoped that the tests they did, would eventually stop another person from suffering and even dying from this awful disease.

My dad, my hero!

My dad died only the week after I told him that I would run the 16-mile run. Although running helped me get through my grieving for my dad, I never actually ran that race. A couple of weeks before that race, I found out I was pregnant, so running took a back seat. Once my daughter was born, I knew I wanted to get back to running, and again the focus turned to weight loss and generally, just needing to feel fitter.

My first race back was the British 10K in 2012, and although it wasn’t the greatest race, I soon had that excitement back about running and knew I wanted to complete more events. I completed other events during 2012 and 2013, but I always felt like I owed my dad that long run. I had entered the ballot for the London Marathon every year, for about 6 or 7 years, and had even tried to gain a charity place, but it had never happened. So can you imagine my excitement when I got my ballot place for the 2014 London Marathon? I remember jumping around the room, calling everyone I knew to tell them, and thanking my dad. I felt like he had helped me, and this race was totally for him.

I knew immediately that I would run for the MNDA, and raise money for them. Through this I met an amazing group of people, each had their own story in which they had been affected by Motor Neurone Disease, and each was committed to raising awareness and money.


So now, I ALWAYS run for the MNDA. I wear my vest with pride and to raise awareness (and it also feels like my dad is with me at every race!) The #TeamMND family grows continuously, and hearing of people suffering from this disease and passing away, brings all the heartache back, and the constant reminder that there is STILL no cure. It’s so important that we keep fighting, in the hope that one day, a cure will be found. I wish that the cure could have been found whilst my dad was still alive, or that he hadn’t got MND at all, but….


I do have one other reason I run…

I want to be her hero…..

I love it when I hear my daughter say, ‘I want to run like mummy’. I know the day she beats me will come round sooner than I can imagine, but I am still looking forward to it!

What are your reasons for running?

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