What would be your ideal event?

I was recently introduced to www.eventbrite.co.uk, a website for finding and planning events. It was then suggested, I could write a blog post on my favourite moments from races and what my ideal race would be. So, if you could run your perfect race, what would it be? It doesn’t have to already be established, we are talking hypothetical here. Some people would love hills, others the mud, and obstacle races; being covered in paint or a night. What distance would it be? I really have no idea.

If I pick out some of my favourite race moments, this may help me design a perfect race for me. My first ever half marathon, was the Royal Park Half Marathon, and I LOVED it. There is something special to me about running in London. Running along the Embankment, looking at the River Thames, the London Eye, Big Ben and all the amazing architecture and history in the buildings, is something quite special. I don’t think you could ever beat running in front of Buckingham Palace too.

But the other great thing about RPH, is that after running through the hassle and bustle of a big City, you turn into the tranquil Hyde Park and run in the beautiful park.


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will already know about my love of running in London from my participation in three London Marathons! You could think that by the 3rd time, the excitement of seeing all the famous landmarks might have diminished, but this just isn’t the case. I never tire of the noise and excitement around Cutty Sark, and the butterflies you get as you run across Tower Bridge.

During my first marathon, Tower Bridge seemed to appear out of nowhere and I don’t think it really sunk in  until after I had crossed it. I think I probably crossed it with the largest grin on my face and was slightly dazed too. The second year, I was struggling with injury and didn’t really soak up the atmosphere as I was concentrating too hard on my injury! This year, I knew it was coming, I was running strongly and I tried to inhale the atmosphere. I looked around at the cheering crowds, I listened to their shouts, tried to read some banners, it was amazing. I still think I ran across it with the hugest of grins.

I have also been lucky enough to cycle across Tower Bridge, when I took part in the Nightrider Event and it really is just so special.

Nightrider 2013
Nightrider 2013

So back to my ideal race, looking at the above I think it would have to include some famous landmarks. Not necessarily in London, but who wouldn’t want to run across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, past the Eiffel Tower, through Times Square, past the Disney Castle in Disneyland. It would have to be flat too, a chance of getting a PB always helps. It would also have to be well supported, as the crowds really help make an event. The calling of your name, the signs they post that put a smile on your face.

It looks as though my dream races have already been established, but if you had a blank canvas, what would yours be? Comment below and let me know.

2 thoughts on “What would be your ideal event?”

  1. My Ideal event – Start area – Enough Toilets that you dont have to queue for ages and do not miss the start. A Medal its about the bling. Supporters on the course. The course must have something to make it unique eg The Hills of the Sheffield Half . Finish in the Olympic Stadium of the Great Newham Run, London Bridge and the Mall of the marathon. But mainly I wowuld travel for a good medal

    1. You would have been disappointed on Sunday then Phil, our medal was little on the small side. Not sure the hills of a race would entice me! hehe

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