Weeks 6 & 7 5K training

Well, week 6 was a mixed bag and didn’t quite go to plan. A sore ankle that seemed to appear out of no where meant that not all session were completed. A new dog, new peloton and another turn of the ankle all contributed to an interesting week.

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5k Training Week 5 and 6 - Rularuns


As with every Monday on this plan, the week starts with a 40 minute EASY run. It was the first day back at school for my daughter, so no early morning run for me, instead we walked to school. So still a fairly active morning.

My husband picked my daughter up from school and I ran to meet them. It was quite nice to have somewhere to run too instead of running aimlessly around the streets. The route to meet them started downhill, so even though I felt that the pace was easy it was a little faster than I would usually run.

It was one of those runs that just feels good and that you could keep on running. I love those type of runs.


Why hello HILL session, it has been a while. With not attending run club in over a year, I have not completed a hill session in quite a while. Then it appeared on the plan. Yuck! Usually I change my Tuesday session to a Wednesday, but I knew Christine would not want to do this session. She is not a fan of the hills normally, let alone in the middle of her crazy accumulator challenge.

So after collecting my daughter from school we all headed to Irchester Park. My husband and daughter had a little walk and snack whilst I sweated it out on the hill. 10 minutes warm up, 8 x 45 seconds hard up a hill, 1 minute recovery. I definitely took longer than a minute between the reps!

This session felt super hard. I felt overweight, heavy and not fit AT ALL. I know this is not all totally true, but that is how this session made me feel! I kept trying to push and repeat positive mantras in my head, but I faded pretty quickly. My form goes as I am not strong enough. But I have to remember this is exactly why I am doing this plan. To get stronger and hopefully faster!



Wednesdays are the day that I usually run with Christine. I say usually, as this did not happen today! My ankle has felt a little tender on and off, but nothing major. 

Well, as I got out of bed today, I could hardly put any weight on it. I limped a little and then some clicks and it felt better. Not fixed, but I could put my weight on it.

I got changed to run, but my ankle kept twinging. The weather was shocking and I felt so guilty calling Christine to say I wasn’t running. But I needed to be sensible and I am not sure running on it would have been productive.


My ankle was still not 100%, so I decided to take another rest day.



No running again for me, but I did take delivery of my Peloton Bike, so instead I did just a 10 minute class to try it out.

I am hoping that this bike is going to allow me to increase my fitness. The cycling can increase my cardio endurance and is low impact so easier on my joints.

Using it for active recovery allows my body to flush out any latic acid, improving blood flow and reducing generally muscle soreness.

I am hoping that I will make good use of the other classes on offer via Peloton, incorporating more strength and yoga to my training too!


Long run day and my ankle was feeling okay, so I met with Christine to run at Irchester Park. My plan suggested 60 minutes, but I knew Christine had further to do, so I knew if I felt okay I would run further than the 60 minutes. We were taking it slowly and the hills felt extremely hard, but Irchester is so pretty that the surroundings make the undulation worth while.


Annoyingly, I managed to turn my ankle again. Playing basketball for as many years as I have, I knew that I could carry on. It wasn’t uncomfortable to run on, but since finishing the run it is sore!


Towards the end of the run, we decided to double back on ourselves, so that we finished on a downhill. Great idea, although the wind was straight into our faces and fairly strong! Typical. 

I couldn’t resist another class on the peloton in the afternoon. Just an easy one to flush the legs out.


I thought about another Peloton class, but we picked up a new dog, so our whole day was helping Ralph settle in. We have been talking about getting a dog for a while now, my daughter has been desperate for one. Ralph is a 7 month cockapoo and hopefully when older will be able to join me on some runs. If you follow me on social media, expect to see Ralph featuring lots!


My ankle was still not 100% so I decided to push my run for today until Tuesday. But now that I have the Peloton bike I could still workout. I chose to do a 30 minutes 90’s Pop Ride and it kicked my ass! I have never been great on a bike, well actually that is a little bit of a lie. As I kid, I remember thinking I was a BMX Bandit! But as I grew up I obviously stopped cycling. Any spin class I have attended, I’ve always found it a struggle.

Maybe buying the peloton sounds like a crazy idea, but I know with time I will get better and being better in these session can only be a positive for my running and my overall fitness!

I finished the session with an arm workout. Yep, you guessed it, even with really light weights my arms were shaking and fatigued pretty quickly. There is a lot of work to do here I think!


Time to test the ankle! I opted for a treadmill run as I thought this would have the most stability. Also, if my ankle was sore I didn’t have to walk to far to be home! Now that we have Ralphie, I have been walking lots more and my ankle was feeling better.

My normal ‘Monday’ recovery run is 5 minutes warm up, 20 minutes run, 10 minutes optional run and 5 minute cool down. Not wanting to push it too soon, I walked the warm up and cool down and ran for just the 20 minutes. My ankle felt fine and I actually felt quite good running. Starting at a slower speed and then upping the speed as I progressed through the run. Honestly, I felt I could have completed the additional 10 minute run, but thought it was more sensible to stop. I needed to see how the ankle responded to the run.

Treadmill run 19.03 -rularuns
17.03 rularuns


With no obvious reaction from my ankle, I decided to attempt my session. Had I looked at the prescribed session earlier, I may have decided my ankle was still a little sore!🤣 It was a toughie!

Let me put it out there now, I am RUBBISH at pacing. I envy those people that have an idea of what pace they are running, without even looking at their watch. It also makes me laugh when people say run on feel. Well, I always ‘feel’ good at the start of a run and less ‘good’ at the end of a run.

My prescribed pace was between 8:17 and 8:27. I managed two faster and three slower 🤣 Obviously, the two faster where reps 1 and 2, then 3, 4, 5 were slower. Not by much though 8:30, 8:38 (I did have to slow right down on this one, as a family decided to walk 4 wide across the park and block me!🙄) 8:36 for the last one. These times are definitely improvements from the end of last year, but I looked ahead and I have this exact same session next week, so hopefully I can improve on the pacing!


As I had juggled my runs around this week, today was another rest day from running.


I had 40 minutes easy on the plan, but I had a really anxious day. No reason why, I just felt really overwhelmed and uptight. I had a really busy mind too! So around lunchtime I jumped on the bike to try and quieten my mind. The bike is not a strength of mine. It was a totally sweat fest!

Opting for the treadmill again, I just did 30 minutes as I didn’t want for my legs to be too heavy as I was running again in the morning! It was a nice plod, listening the The Run Pod Podcast with The Runners Beans. She gave some really good tips for nutrition.


Long run Saturday is becoming one of my favourites. It’s nice getting up and starting the weekend in a positive way. I met with Christine to join her with her crazy milage. A bit embarrassing that at times I struggled with the run and moaned. She was on mile 50+ for the week and I was the one moaning!!! But 70 minutes completed.


It should have been a rest day, but as I couldn’t resist peloton bike again. I thought I would make it active recovery. I just did a 30 minutes cycle to see what impact it has on my recovery. Even at an easy pace, I still built up a sweat! My legs felt okay, so on to week 8 of training!

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