Weekly Round up – What’s been going on this week?

So, after a decent week’s training last week, I had hoped to build on that this week. I bet you noticed that I had written hoped, so you are probably already thinking that it didn’t quite happen, and yes, you are correct! I have been feeling a little under the weather this week; sore throat, sneezing, tired; the usual end of half term feeling really.

So here is what I did do:

Monday – Club speed session. I’m not totally sure what you would technically call this type of training, but we had a 300/400m loop off-road that we ran alternate loops to our partners. The loop included some hills and tight turns; and I’m just putting it out there, I am not good at downhill without screaming!

Tuesday – I was planning to do an upper body strength session, but this is when I started to feel unwell, so decided to listen to my body and take a rest day!

Wednesday – 6.6 miles – This was supposed to be an easy run, but my friend Tracie is ‘on one‘ at the moment, so it wasn’t slow and was a little longer than I thought we were going, but I did really enjoy it. Before we started, I thought that this race was going to be ‘kill or cure’, and luckily while we were running I felt ok, but 30 minutes after finishing, I was not feeling great and headed straight to bed.


Thursday – Today was a big day and there was NO way that I could be ill! It was the GCSE maths exams, so I was putting on breakfast for my Year 11’s, I had club training and after the session I had organised our first Pilates session! I can’t say I felt great, but I managed it all, and actually really enjoyed the Pilates.

We had completed a hills session at club, short hills ( I kind of like), medium hills (I’m not liking so much) long hills (yep, you guessed it, I am not a fan of them!) Can you believe I forgot my Garmin, so I have no idea what speeds and distance we did, but more annoyingly, I have now got Vitality Life Insurance, so I didn’t get to gain my 10 points! Grrr

After Pilates, my body really did feel better. I can’t quite put my finger on why or how, but I am really looking forward to next Thursdays session!

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Rest from running, although I walked a lot around London. It was quite exciting to see the set up for this weekends races.


Sunday – Rest

Not my greatest week, but not my worst either! Tomorrow is the Vitality London 10k, so let’s see what happens there!

I hope training is going well for you all. Do you do Pilates? Does it help with your running?

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