How has week 5 of 5K training gone?

So, I am now into week 5 of following the Garmin 5K training plan and I’m not totally sure if I am getting faster or if I will be able to get a 5K PB. But I need to trust the process and keep showing up. This week, I did feel that there were little glimpses of improvement but I still have lots of hard work ahead.

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Running Action photo

Monday: 40 minutes easy: Well, that was supposed to the plan, but this run didn’t feel all that easy. It was a foggy and cold start to Monday and the new month. I didn’t look at my watch at all I just tried to feel relaxed, but I just felt like I had no energy.

Even after having a rest day. This plan makes me more conscious about warming up and cooling down. Although looking back I think my WU was faster than my main run!

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Stride repeats – 6 x 20 seconds. I was actually looking forward to this session. Mainly as it would be over quite quickly, but because you are pushing hard it still feels like a session. Does that make sense? Mileage less than 3 miles can seem pretty pointless, but if you have been sprinting that’s a whole different story!

An 8:30am start meant that the pathways were pretty empty and we could just crack on with the session. I met with Christine and we obviously tried to locate the flattest area possible! I think we completed just over a mile warm up and then the burn happened. The first 20 seconds seemed to go on forever!

The next two, the beeping of my watch seemed to kick in as soon as I set off (obviously that wasn’t the case, it just felt like that!) Trying to inject some speed was actually quite good fun, but by the 6th rep my legs were tired.

This session really made me miss run club. I just haven’t been pushing myself like you do at club, hence why my pace has dropped so much. The last year has been all about just doing what needs to be done to survive, but I am SO looking forward to the burning lungs of club sessions or feeling like I am going to Vomit at the end of Park run! I know I’ll regret writing that as 5K’s are hard!

Ruth & Christine

Thursday: 40 Minutes easy – Treadmill run. The weather was okay and it was still light outside, but my brain was completely frazzled. I had been studying all day and I just didn’t have the brain capacity to think of a route, hence opting for the treadmill. I put the tunes on and just zoned out for 40 minutes.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: I should have been doing my ONE mile time trial, but when I turned up at Irchester Park with Christine I decided to delay it for a day. The park is undulating and I know I would have opted for a mile which was mostly down hill. If I had beaten last weeks time, I would have felt that I cheated.

Instead I opted for a nice leisurely run with Christine and then rearranged my time trial for the next day, at the same venue as I completed it last week.

Sunday: Runcrasination would have happened for sure today, had my husband not decided to come with me. He decided that him and my daughter needed a walk, so I was in my kit and in the car before I had time to think about it.

I warmed up and just went for it. There is a chance that I started too quickly as it towards the end I faded quite a lot. I had no idea what my mile time was. I knew I had worked hard, but I was not totally convinced I had beat last weeks time. As I was desperate to find out what my mile time, the 10 minutes cool down seemed go on FOREVER!

I was therefore very happy when I look at the stats to find out that I clocked an 8:04 mile, which was 9 seconds faster than last week. It may only be 9 seconds, but it is faster so I am happy. If I keep chipping away, that will all add up!

Ruth Action Photo

Not a bad week overall. I keep worrying about my limited weekly mileage, but I have to keep reminding myself this is %k training, not marathon training.

How has your week been?

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