London Marathon 2015 / Marathon Training

Week 11 of training

Last week, after my 20 miles on Sunday, I decided to have a drop back week. I felt my body needed some extra rest. I planned two easy runs in the week and then 13 miles at the weekend. 

Easy weeks, I’ve found out now, are much harder than normal training weeks! I found it really hard to motivate myself to run, and ended up doing both my mid week runs on the treadmill, at a very slow pace and not very far!!

I wasn’t running too far or fast, yet was so hungry all the time! I even got tweet of the week in the #extramile newsletter! 


I was lucky that I had arranged to meet one of my fellow #TeamMND runners from last years marathon, to complete my long run. If I’d had to do it on my own, I think I would have struggled. Psychologically I kept think ‘oh, it’s only 13 miles!’ I felt ok whilst running, but after I felt shocking- so tired, heavy legged, niggles everywhere!

I even had the joy of meeting a Dalek whilst running on Sunday!  


So, on to Week 12 I go. It’s getting so close now. Hope everyone’s training is going well!

An average runner that has found a passion for running and raising money/awareness for MNDA. I have completed London, New York, and Chicago marathons. I am tempted to go for the Six-Star finishers medal, running all the World Marathon Majors, but that's a dream in progress.

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