Week 11 – 5K Training

So during week 11 (or 12?) I seem to have gone a bit rouge. Due to being unsure if I would repeat last week or stick to a mini taper and try my 5K time trial this weekend, I just did my own thing! I’m also a little confused as to how this is week 11, yet I have completed a 12 week training cycle??? I must have missed a week’s review somewhere 🤷🏼‍♀️

If you have missed any of the other weeks and want to see what the whole 5K training cycle was like, click here.

5K Training Week 11


Run Club session. Usually, Monday is a recovery run and after my long run yesterday I probably should have stuck to that. during my previous run club session, I had been very disciplined and stuck with the plan. This week, not so much! As I had missed my speed session last week, I kind of pushed during this session. 

We started with increasing length intervals. We were supposed to be pushing the pace on the way out and recovering on the return. To be honest, I probably went steady out and back! We did a short rep, medium rep and long rep, recovery and then reversed that. I’m pretty sure the pace increased more on the second set.

Then we finished with 3 x 400m. We were told to aim for 5K pace, but I was definitely under 5K pace. It would have been an ideal time to practice race pace, but my competitive streak took over! Running with club is great, but I really need to be more disciplined and stick to set paces!


Rest day. I had thought this day would be a great day for some yoga and a good stretch. Well, it would have, but the day just seemed to have disappear and a quick 5 minute stretch prior to bed, kept my stretching streak going!


No idea what session to do today, so I just went with Christine’s plan! Not ideal, but her plan said 10K, so that’s what I set off to do. I didn’t end up completing the 10K. We ran around Irchester Park which is quite undulating. Around the 5 miles mark, my legs felt tired. It is such a lovely area, I sent Christine off on a loop and I enjoyed a walk. I think I ended up doing about 5.5 miles, some faster than others due to the undulation.

Action shot - rularuns


Rest day. I finally had my hair appointment, so there was no way that I was going to get my hair sweaty after finally getting it ‘done’. 


After missing yesterday’s run, I tried to fit one in today. I say fit one in, as the whole day disappeared again, so I ordered our takeaway at 7pm. It said that it was going to be arriving at 8pm. I quickly changed and jumped on the treadmill, thinking a 30 minute run would be good. 7:15pm the takeaway arrived! I must have been the only person to ever be gutted that a takeaway arrived early!

So 15 minutes of the treadmill is all that happened, but the Indian Takeaway was GOOD!

Treadmill selfie - Rularuns


I was so excited to be having my eyelashes done today, so I knew that there was no exercise going to be taking place toady! We did take the dog for a walk around the lake that I was planning to run around for my 5K time trial.


I set an early alarm, as I felt I needed to get out early. That way I couldn’t talk myself out of the session. I decided to just give the 5K time trial a bash. I knew that I was very UNLIKELY to get a PB, but I thought I just needed to give it ago. 

The sun was out but it was freezing. After my warm up, I headed back to the car to get my gloves, only to find Ralphie had pinched them whilst I was packing my bag! The negative talk going on in my head was not that helpful. It was a real battle to start the 5K time trial. They are hard. If you are running them hard, you know that there isn’t any easing in to it. It requires concentration and grit throughout.

I tried to be sensible and not start too fast, which is a common trait of mine. A quarter of a mile in my pace read 8:20 and I was pretty pleased with that. I thought it was sensible and I could pick up a little as I went on. Yep, who was I kidding? There was no picking up. The first mile clocked 8:23 and I really wanted to stop.

During the 2nd mile, I was thinking through my Instagram post! How ridiculous, but the mental game had totally taken over. Mile 2 was 8:43 and again I wanted to quit. I knew that I was not going to be anywhere near the time I would have liked, but now it was a mental battle to finish the 5K. I decided that was the challenge now. I needed to run the full 5K and I had to keep pushing. There was no easing to the end, I had to keeping working hard.

I am not very good at being out of my comfort zone. I always have to keep a little in reserve, I think this is from my basketball days. Very few sessions do I come away feeling sick through pushing so hard. So I know this is something I need to work on and doing more 5K’s will help. Mile 3 clocked 8:44, so a great POSITIVE split! Hehe

So, exactly as I had predicted, no where near a PB, but I came away concentrating on the positives. Not beating myself up about it. I think I can stick to a pace between 8:30- 9:00 minute/mile and I now need to work to move that the 8:00/8:30 pace. 

Aftermarth of 5K TT - Rularuns

So, what’s next? Well, I am keen to get a 5K PB, so I am going to keep working towards that and doing more 5K time trials. I know the sessions that I want to continue to do. The 5 x 1K reps at race pace. The 3 x 1 mile reps at race pace. I really want to tune into what the pace is like. Also, I am back at run club, so the speed sessions and the variety of sessions that we do there can only help.

Marathon training will kick off in June for Berlin Marathon, so strength work to get my body marathon training fit would be ideal.

As for this blog, I am unsure. I just don’t know if people read blogs anymore. It takes a lot of time and some pennies to run a blog, so I need to think if it is worth while. I share my training on IG, so I’m not sure if I should just stick to that. If you are reading this and want to let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear.

This blog has always been a bit of a training diary for me. I also love writing race reviews, so maybe as racing comes back I might find it my useful/worthwhile. 🤷🏼‍♀️ To keep it just as a training diary seems a little silly. If I can change it to be of use to others too, it would make it worth while.

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