Week 10 – 5K Training

As I near the end of this training cycle, training is not quite going to plan. Sometimes, I wonder if this is a little of self sabotage? If training hasn’t been spot on and then I miss the time I am going for, at least I have an excuse! Writing that down sounds pathetic but I’m not sure if this is what happens subconsciously? 


Sport Psychology is really starting to interest me. The mind is a very powerful tool, I remember how many psychological test and visualisation exercises we had to do at England Basketball training. It’s easy to think that running is just about moving our legs, but I’m sure our mind plays a huge part too.


If you missed last weeks training, you can read that here. I would love to know what you are training for, so let me know in the comments. Races look like they are back too, so what have you signed up too?

Week 10 -5k Training Rularuns


Easy run. Monday’s have been an easy run throughout this plan. I left it till late and it wasn’t my best idea. Dinner 2 hours prior to my run, thought would be long enough, but no. I cut the run short as it was just not comfortable. So instead of 55 minutes easy, I did 45 not so comfortable minutes!

After treadmill Selfie - Rularuns


Rest day. I didn’t feel so great today. A headache formed, acid reflux, ‘sticky’ throat and streaming eyes. I was pretty relieved that it was a rest day as I felt shattered. The only thing I managed to do was my 5 minute stretch for the day. 

Running Action Rularuns


The plan had a tempo session on, but I knew that I wasn’t up for that. I felt better, but still not 100% so I decided to run, but listen to my body. My breathing was laboured so I took walk breaks and just enjoyed being outside. 


Today should have been easy again and originally I planned to go to run club. But again, I just wasn’t feeling great. So I got an early night instead.


Still not feeling 100% I had a really tearful day on Friday. The death of HRH Duke Edinburgh made me really sob. Then that was me, for pretty much the rest of the day. I think the stresses of these lockdowns, the death of my mum, my uncle, my lack of job, the uncertainty of everything ahead just seemed to all come out! Funny, how sometimes you just don’t realise how much you are holding on to things until they all burst out. 


Family responsiblities meant that I couldn’t run with Christine today and to be honest I was concerned that it meant that I wouldn’t get a run in over the weekend. I have not be great at getting myself out on solo runs.


I really did not fancy my 70 minute solo run today. My mind was telling me it wasn’t a good idea. I got myself up and dressed, fuelled and kept telling myself to get out. Just as I was about to leave, I got a call from the police. We have been having issues with a neighbour and it got so bad mid week I had to call the police. 


After a 30 minute conversation, I wanted to sack off my run even more! I just felt drained. Myself and my husband decided to take the dog for a short walk, just to get outside. The sun was out, but it was cold.


Once we got out, I decided to just go, I thought that even if I walked most of it, being outside would be good for me. 


70 minutes later of listening to music and enjoying flossing along I got home and was totally shocked by my paces. I had run my fastest ‘easy’ miles in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed the run and was so glad that I had got myself out the door.


Crazy how the mind can sometimes try and sabotage a run before we have even started.

The one thing that I have stuck to this week is stretching. Committing to a minimum of 5 minutes everyday has worked. I have been using the Peloton App and actually doing stretches. It is making me aware how inflexible I am, but it does feel nice to think I am taking care of my body.

Originally. I thought I was going to re-do this week and put the time trial off for a week. Now I’m not too sure what to do. I am going to just see how the week goes and then decide closer to the weekend.

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