The journey to London starts now.

So I’ve written this post in my head about 50 times over the last week, but now its time to type it up, i don’t know where to start!

I didn’t complete the advent streak! I loved the runs that I did, but life and Christmas took over, so I just gave in! I did manage the Luton Santa Run before Christmas. I ran with my cousin Katie and her dog Ghost. (You can find her blog here)

Luton Santa Run

I also managed a run on Christmas Eve. I was in Disneyland Paris, and just couldn’t resist the early start to run and explore the park. It wasn’t far or fast, but it felt good to be running, but hard. When I run now I find it hard to believe that I once ran a marathon!

Disneyland Paris

I have thought about running almost every day since, (with a longing to be able to run and feel reasonably fit) but it hasn’t happened. I set my marker for the 1st January 2015. So today on waking I knew that I had to get out and run. I tried to talk myself out of it MANY times, but I did it. The only way that I could convince myself to go, was by telling myself I could run/walk!!! And I certainly needed to run walk. I am so annoyed with myself that I didn’t keep my running ticking over after London. A house move, changing location and new job just all got in the way!

I need to remain positive and remember how hard it is at the start, but also how quickly your body adapts. Also the feeling of crossing that line back in April!

So there it is, I’m off. Now all I need to do is keep consistent with my running and my blogging!

2 thoughts on “The journey to London starts now.

    1. Thanks – Happy New Year to you too. You are so correct, it is very much mental. I need to remember that logo that I saw during last years marathon. ‘She believed she could, so she did”

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