Virtual London Marathon 2020 – Race recap

Marathons are special. They are hard, they challenge you and they make you fall in love with them just that little bit more each time. I remember worrying about running the New York Marathon, just […]

TCS New York Marathon 2017 – Race Recap

So, it’s now time to recap the New York Marathon day, Sunday 5th November 2017! If you haven’t yet my read my lead up to the New York Marathon day, you can here. I had […]

New York Marathon Training – Week 7 & Week 8

Marathon training is hard! If it wasn’t, everyone would be doing it. To make things tougher for me, I have been ill, I have started a new job, I am in the process of moving […]

New York Marathon Training – Week 5

I know that marathon training is difficult, but this cycle seems to be challenging me no end. So, I finally got antibiotics and my sinusitis is clearing up, but training still hasn’t been easy or […]

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