Virtual London Marathon 2020 – Race recap

Marathons are special. They are hard, they challenge you and they make you fall in love with them just that little bit more each time. I remember worrying about running the New York Marathon, just […]

What happens now, post-Chicago Marathon?

It’s back to reality with a thud! My focus has been the Chicago Marathon for what feels like an eternity, I don’t think I have thought post Chicago many times. The running part of my […]

London Marathon 2016 – I love this race!

I always look forward to writing this post, and then sit down to re-live the day and find it so hard. There are just NO words to describe running the London Marathon. It’s the marathon […]

MNDA: The Truth about this awful disease #9

To donate: What are the chances? I used to think that MND was a rare disease. That’s what we were told when my dad was diagnosed, and I remember often thinking, why him? I remember […]

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