Race Recap

Surrey Half Race Recap

After my #extramile ambassadors training on Saturday, I headed straight over to Woking, and on Sunday ran the Surrey Half Marathon. As I was using this as a training run, I did consider adding extra miles on before the race, but I was staying at the Holiday Inn and they didn’t start serving breakfast until 7.30am, which was too late!

Wearing my MNDA vest again. #raisingawareness

I only had a 15 minute walk to the start line, the weather was lovely and it was a pretty chilled start. There were plenty of toilets, I didn’t need the bag drop, the pens were well signposted and it was pretty relaxed whilst waiting for the start. The crowd support at the start of the course was good, and within the first mile, there was a great band playing. Around mile 3, there was an out and back, which for most people they hate – Me, I.LOVE.IT!! I’m such a people watcher, and there is nothing better than running along watching the speedies!

Great weather for running

From 5 miles on, I found the course mentally tough – we ran down some quiet roads, and through lovely countryside, but for me, fields don’t hold my attention. The course was a little more undulating than I realised prior, but to be honest had it been totally flat, I think it would have been really boring!

As we headed back towards the finish, the support increased again, and the atmosphere was lovely! The finish, again, was stress free, with water, bananas, medals and protein bounce balls being handed out. The volunteers were amazing, very encouraging and supportive. Considering I had only just completed a session on pacing, again I didn’t get in right! Ideally, I should have stayed around the 10.30/10.45 minute miles, but I ended up averaging 10.15 mm. As I have the Kingston Breakfast Run 20 miler next week, I ran back to the hotel, just to up the mileage a little. I ended up covering 14.5 miles in total.

Longest run this year!

Next week it is VITAL that I am disciplined and slow my pace down. There is no way I will be able to keep that pace up for 20 miles, and even if I could, I need to consider that I need to keep training the week after too! As 20 miles is quite(!) a long way, I may try breaking it up by mixing up the pace. I was thinking of alternating between marathon pace, and then miles slightly faster and  slightly slower, I am yet to finalise it, but I’m thinking it will make me break the race in to shorter blocks.

My legs felt surprisingly ok today, and although I have opted for a rest day, I am really looking forward to getting out tomorrow for an easy run and a BIG stretch afterwards!! Only 7 weeks left now, how is everyone else feeling?

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12th March 2015 at 7:49 PM

Well done – I ran Surrey as well as part of training for London. I’m pretty nervous as recovering from a hamstring injury. Good luck – sound like you’re doing great.

    12th March 2015 at 8:28 PM

    Thanks – if we are putting in the miles, we might as well collect the bling on the way!! I have Kingston Breakfast Run this weekend too. Hope your leg recovers quickly

11th March 2015 at 9:25 AM

well done. My dad died 10 years ago of the same
contact me next year for some more support

9th March 2015 at 11:16 PM

Way to run!! Nice job!! You’re amazing!! Way to stay mentally tough!! Go you! XOXO

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