Run, running and more running.

So I’m glad to report that my lack of posts has not been caused due to a lack of running, quite the contrary! I reported in my last post that I thought I had my mojo back, and that was 100% correct. That, along with joining a running club, and supporting my sister in her quest to run 5k, I have run 5 times this week! 

I contacted a club a few weeks back, but Monday was the first time I was able to make the session. I felt like a new girl at school again, nervous as I didn’t know anyone. I had all the first time negative thoughts, what if I’m too slow? What I can’t complete the session? What if no one talk to me? All total rubbish and unnecessary! The other members were very welcoming and put me at ease straight away. 

We completed a timed 5K, which was interesting for me, as I had no idea how much to push. I haven’t run a 5K for such a long time. I ended up using another runner to pace me and although I felt I should have gone a little faster, I did struggle in the last 500 metres. So that pace was probably ideal for me.

Not a PB, but happy with that!

Overall, I was pleased with my time, but it did make me want to do ParkRuns on a more regular basis, as I wonder how fast I could push it!

Tuesday – rest day.

Wednesday – 5.10AM alarm for week 2 of C25K with my sister. Then a yoga video cool down from Youtube.

Thursday – a track session with my club. 10 x 400m, but with a circuit exercise in between! Things like burpees and press ups (ouch!)

Friday – 5.10Am alarm (this one was tough! I was tired!) to run with my sister.

Saturday – The 3rd run of C25K.
I am loving the running with my sister, and seeing her make so much progress in such a little amount of time. I am a dodgy coach though, as I have read the program wrong TWICE! Once making it easier for her, but the last time making her work much harder! Whoops

So that’s my week! Hope everyone else is having a great week. I have so much more to tell you, so hopefully this week I’ll try and get some more writing done. Happy Running!

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