Hi, I’m Ruth, AKA Rularuns. I’m a 40+ year old mother of one. I started this running blog back in 2013, to document my training for my first marathon. (Virgin London Marathon 2014) 

Rularuns cuddling daughter at Mile 17 of London Marathon
Mile 17 of my first marathon, seeing my daughter

You are probably wondering why ‘Rularuns’. Well, when I played basketball I was the captain of my team. One day, when I was at training my coach said, “Ruth, lead the warm up”. Just as I was about to set off, my friend Sarah, shouted to the team, follow Rula, she is our ruler!

For some reason, it stuck and my nickname was Rula from then onwards! In the basketball world, most people still call me Rula, so when I started this blog Rularuns just felt right.

In total now, I have run 5 marathons (London 2014, 2015, 2016, New York Marathon 2017 & Chicago Marathon 2019. Next up is Manchester Marathon 2020, so make sure you add your email address to the subscribe button, so you get all the information about my training straight to your inbox.

This blog is a mixture of my training, and all running things, as well as my passion for raising awareness and funds for the MND Association. My father died of Motor Neurone Disease back in 2010, and I have been raising money and awareness ever since. I hate that we are SO many years on and there is still no cure for this vile disease. It breaks my heart when I hear of another diagnosis, knowing the pain and suffering they will go through.

Rularuns running with thumbs up at start of Brighton Half Marathon
Brighton Half Marathon 2016.

I have always been involved in sports. I played international basketball as a junior and then continued playing national league basketball into my early 30’s.

Rularuns dribbling basketball
London Heathrow Acers Vs Sevenoaks Suns WNBL

So running has always been in my life, but my love for it, away from just using it as a training tool has ignited in the last few years. Being part of communities such as Run Mummy Run and UkRunChat inspires me to want to be a better runner and a healthier person. 

I will continue to use this blog to document my training; I love being able to look back over it and compare where I am in each training cycle. But I also want to use it to encourage other people to try running, as well as spread the awareness for MND. One day, there MUST be a cure for it!

Please feel free to leave me comments and let me know what you think. If you are still reading, thanks! Remember sharing is caring, so if you like what you read, please pass it on.

If you would like to get in touch, I would love to hear from readers, brands and PR. You can message via my Facebook page, DM me via Instagram or email me at rularuns@outlook.com

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