Race Recap

Race Recap – Rockingham 10

So far this Autumn I have had 2 DNS, and very erratic training! Great preparation for taking on Rockingham10 – NOT. To be honest, I was very close to DNS-ing this race too, as I have been battling a cold all week! The race is our club championship race, so I knew there would be a lot of my team mates from run club, so decided just to have a go!

Date: Sunday 6th November 2016

Time: 1pm

Weather: The morning was cold but bright sunshine and I thought there was the potential of a nice crisp run. Oh how wrong can I be! As we got to the track, the skies cloudy over. Just as the race was about to start, the downpour came. The bitter wind and the rain didn’t help make this run too enjoyable!


Course: The race was 3 laps of the race track. Exactly like when I did the Silverstone half (read here), the course is very quiet, not as flat as you would think and actually quite boring.


My race: As I touched upon earlier, my training has been less than impressive. My husband has recently had quiet a major operation, so running has had to take a bit of a back seat. There have been so many times when I have NEEDED to run, but it’s just not been possible, so I knew this race was going to hurt. To add to that pain, I also got a cold this week, so any thought of running an ok race was fading fast. Both getting a cold, I thought my goal was to run every mile where the minute miles started with a 9:xx. Even though my breathing wasn’t all that clear, I secretly still wanted this to happen! I started the race with two of my club mates and I knew that I should have started slowly, it just didn’t happen. We keep together, running 9:30/9:40 minute miles and I knew I was working too hard for so early on in the race. There was a section of the race, that took you back to the home straight, which I found SO hard. The wind was against the runners, and to me it felt like I was constantly running uphill! At 5 miles the three if us split and I thought this might help me run my own race, but for some reason I was still pushing – I think I just wanted it to be over and done with! I was still keeping on track for all 9:XX miles, right up until I hit mile 10. I just felt like I was running in treacle, and even when I tried to push on, I just felt like I didn’t have it in me. I finished in 1:36:53. Sub 1:40 is what I had hoped for, so I should be very happy, but at the moment I am still hurting too much to be happy!

Lesson learned: I need to train more!


  • Reasonably priced race.
  • Good organisation – Parking was free and lots of it; an inside space for everyone when it started to rain; no queues for the toilets; very friendly and helpful marshalls.
  • Great Medal


  • The Weather! Not that organisers can help that, but it was awful!
  • The course was so quiet, as obviously there was only really one spot for the spectators.
  • A countdown email from the company would be quite nice. I didn’t actually know if I had booked it, and tried to transfer someone else’s place to me. I know I could know, but we got an email on Tuesday with information. Maybe a monthly reminded, but idiots like me that forget they have entered.


I hope everyone had good runs/races this weekend?

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