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Overthinking and Rambling.

Having all this free time gives us lots of thinking time. I am prone to overthinking and it is not always positive. Keeping myself occupied helps, so I have been spending a fair bit of time on this blog. This then got me thinking about why I keep this blog? Why not just keep a diary for me?



One of my positives from spending a ridiculous amount of time on Instagram was finding an offer on Hannah’s story. It talked about learning a new skill. I got hooked on the idea of learning to take better photographs and gaining better blogging ideas.

So I gave it a go. The offer allowed me to get access to website for two months free of charge. You put in all your payment details, but it says that you can cancel your membership at any time. I’m not totally sure I will be able to keep it going for long, but as with everything at the moment, I’m not thinking too far ahead! I immediately joined two classes; iPhone Photography and 5 Secrets to Developing the Blogging (and Writing) Habit: How to Beat Writers Block Forever.

I’ll write a bit more about them below, but if you fancy learning something new, why not try Skillshare for yourself? If you use this link you will get 2 months free and if you sign up to a paid month I will get a free month for referring you. Let me know if you do sign up and which classes you try.


The writing course encouraged me to do a Free Write for 15 minutes daily. I have loved doing it. I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be helping me with ideas for this blog, but it has ended up being a bit of a journal. And NO one wants to read about all of my insecurities!

I have managed to complete the free write 5 times so far and I think that it is something that I will keep up. Getting out of bed early is proving to be a challenge at the moment, is this the same for anyone else? The idea of getting up before the rest of the house and doing 15 minutes of writing each morning really appeals.


Running on the treadmill is still happening. The weather has been glorious and seeing everyone running outside has had me tempted. I just feel safe staying indoors and using the treadmill. It is better to be safe than sorry.

My frequent use of the treadmill has made me realise that not only is the distance and speed out, but the timing is too! When I start my watch at the exact same time as the treadmill, after 60 minutes they are 30 seconds adrift. Not totally convinced the timing could be out too, I used my phone to time too. Yep, the treadmill was 30 seconds slower than both my phone and watch. Lucky that running is about distance/pace/time at the moment.


Like every other person at the moment, video calling is keeping me connected to family and friends. I’ve used WhatsApp, Messenger, HouseParty App and Zoom.

We seem to have stuck on Zoom and last week I took part in a family quiz and hosted two. They are really good fun and I am looking forward to completing some more. Google came to the rescue when setting my questions, so if anyone has any good websites suggestions for quiz questions, please let me know.

iPhone Photography

I’m still trying to practise some of the things that I learnt on the iPhone class, but here are some of my shots so far!


If you are still trying to keep children entertained, here are some websites that I have used in school which can be good fun. (They are not just for children!)

So going back to my opening paragraph, what’s the point of this blog? This is an extract from my free write on day 1.

I’m not a coach, so I can not offer coaching tips. If I was to take the course to become a coach, I would just be another coach in an already saturated field. The same as a personal trainer, dieticians, life coaches etc. I have tried the idea of doing race recaps, but I’m not sure that I race enough for this for it to be my only offering.

There is no need for me to share it all, but this is how I have been thinking. Then I realised that I am probably thinking too much and not just enjoying the process. Does it really matter if I don’t post all the time? Does it matter if what I write veers off running? It’s just my ramblings and people can read if they want or skip if they don’t.

I would like this blog to be useful, so I did come up with one idea. Why not use this to promote people that do great things but don’t always have a blog to share it on? Like a runners interview. It can be a variety of people, sharing their experiences, their fundraising link, blogs, social media account etc. Sharing is caring, right? What do you think?

What kind of questions would you like to be included in the runner’s interview?

So, that’s my ramblings for another week. I hope everyone is safe and well. Sending lots of love to everyone finding his time a challenge. Well, actually just sending lots of love to all really.

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