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ONE SLEEP – It’s like Christmas, but it’s Marathon Eve instead!

So with only 1 sleep left, there is not much more that I can do. I’m registered, I have been for my little leg-loosener run this morning and my kit is now ready. My friends have been amazing, and I have surpassed my target of £3,000 in sponsorship for MNDA, but I can feel that the negative thoughts are trying to creep in!


Why didn’t I eat sensibly and lose weight? What about the few runs that I did miss? Why didn’t I get more long runs in, especially one of 20 miles? Why didn’t I stretch EVERY night like I said I was going too? I didn’t do enough strength work! What if I find it too hard? I could go on… The negatives are endless! But now that I have written them down, the are gone!

Time to celebrate all the positives! I have completed a 16 week plan to get my running to distances I never thought were possible! Within that plan, I have run 4 times a week, missing just a handful of sessions! I have completed 4 runs, which were longer than a half marathon, with my longest being 19 miles! In total since starting the plan, I have run over 350 miles! Those are all banked and will help my get round 26.2 miles on Sunday. I also managed to bag myself a 5K PB too. All, of these positives are what I must remember. There will be good times tomorrow, emotional times, and some ‘dig deep’ moments, but I have to believe I can do it and remember why I am doing it!


I know my dad will be with me tomorrow, and will help me all the way. When the running feels hard, I need to remember how hard he fought this disease, and battle he faced every day. I also need to remember that so many people are still living with this battle every day, and there is still no cure. 

Years ago, I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve in my lifetime, tomorrow I get to tick another one off that list! I’m sure I am going to fill my twitter timeline tomorrow with pictures, thoughts and probably lots of nonsense, but if you want to follow my journey my twitter is @rula10

If you are running tomorrow, good luck. If you are out cheering on the runners, give me a shout! I can’t believe this is actually going to happen!


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