Noosa National Park

My training plan should have started for Manchester Marathon by now, but all that has actually happened is my consistent running has disappeared! Whoops, looks like i’ll be doing a 12 week plan leading into Manchester!

I am currently in Australia for Christmas and after a longer than planned journey here, thanks to a cancelled flight in Singapore, I am now feeling the need to be active again.

As my sleeping is all over the place, getting up early enough to run before it gets too warm hasn’t happened yet. But yesterday I did go on a 5-mile walk, with the most amazing views.

Sunshine Beach

I had the opportunity to do this walk 7 years ago, but I didn’t. My fear of seeing a snake, spiders and whatever else lives out here was too much. When the offer was made again, I felt the fear kick in again. But lately I have been doing a lot of reflecting and working on my mindset. So, with the mantra ‘I am stronger than I think I am.’ I decided to not pass up on this opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong, I was feeling pretty ill prior to leaving and nearly bailed last minute, but ‘I can do hard things!‘ gave me the courage to not miss out.

Walking on the sand was tough to start and then we hit the steps. How is it that you can run marathons, but steps make you feel the most unfit? We went up and up, my legs were burning, my breathing was heavy and I did wonder if I was doing the right thing. I was so relieved when we stopped for a photo on the way up so I could get my breath back.

Sunshine Beach

The first section of the walk was fairly uneven terrain, so I constantly looked at the floor; 1. to make sure I didn’t trip, 2. to scan for snakes and any other creepy crawlies!

But as the walk progressed, I managed to talk my mind into relaxing and looking up. The views were incredible! Obviously, I wore my Garmin, so I liked seeing the miles tick over. It was incredibly hot and I did see some people running, which caused a tinge of jealousy. Although, after nearly tripping three times just walking I knew I would be no good at running this route!

Noosa beach

As we approached the end, we were treated to seeing a Koala in a tree. I was so proud of myself for finishing; To be honest probably more for starting this walk.

Koala at Noosa

I have a crazy mind sometimes, fearing the worse in so many situations. This often leads to me avoiding things and missing out. It’s hard to explain, as I know the feelings are often irrational. They are sometimes really stupid and for an intelligent woman, I know I should ignore them. But that doesn’t work. Instead, I am working hard to learn how to manage this negativity and I feel like this was a huge step forward.

I’m not naive to think I have conquered my anxiety and crazy mind, but I am celebrating this as a victory. I know there will be days when I don’t recognise the feelings and let them take over, probably missing a great opportunity. But lets take one day at a time!

This is a very strange Christmas for me; Where is the snow? The cold? The traditions? It may not be the same as always, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be just as good.

Hopefully, I will get some running in soon. After this trip, marathon training will commence and my weekly updates will be back. Let me know below if there is anything in particular that you would like to read in my weekly updates. Also, make sure that you subscribe so you don’t miss any updates.

Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas whatever you are doing. Here’s to an exciting new year.

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