New York Marathon Training – Week 4

I am STILL struggling with illness, my ‘cold’ has turned into sinusitis, so training this week was again tougher than it should have been. I moved my sessions around, to try to give myself an extra rest day, on the day I was fully congested, but the reshuffle didn’t work quite how I had hoped, so I still missed one of my scheduled runs. On a positive note, I managed one more session than last week!

So, the sessions completed were:

Monday: Mile Repeats

Thursday: Tempo Run. I was away so I managed to get to run in Bushy Park. I went early morning, the sun was shining and I just enjoyed the moment. Tempo’s are tough, and I did have a few stops to clear congestion, but I was happy to get it done.

Sunday – Long run day. I really struggled for motivation for this run. I was running solo as my run buddies are away on holiday. So, I got my music sorted and headed out at 7:30am. I spent the first 3 miles wondering why I was doing this, it was such a long way. I know that marathons are tough and you have to train for them, but my head would not accept this and it was a real battle to not head home. I then had a period of just putting one foot in front of the other, but as I approached 10 miles, I battled with myself as the route I had planned meant I had a mile ish uphill to get home, and this kept playing on my mind. Worrying about the hill took the enjoyment out of the preceding miles, silly really. Truth is the uphill wasn’t so bad, but i had psyched myself out of it, and I did walk a little of it! If I had managed approach it with a more positive mindset, I would have run it, no problem! Frustrating. Your mind is such a powerful tool, and can really influence your runs.


So, what do you do when you feel like your motivation isn’t what it should be? Me, I head to YouTube and find this:

I got so emotional watching this, it will be epic!

On to Week 5, and let’s hope this week is the week my health returns to 100% and all sessions are completed!

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