#MNDAD@70 Update 2

I always knew that finding 70 raffles for the #MNDAD@70 was going to be a big ask, especially when I added a time limit of a year to the challenge. (If you are not sure what #MNDAD@70 read about it here)

#MNDAD@70 logi

What’s happened in #MNDAD@70 so far?

So far I have managed a total of 31 different raffles and raised just over £800 for Motor Neurone Disease Association. (If you don’t know why I raise money for this charity, please read here.)

I have been reflecting on #MNDAD@70 of late and realised that I have put an end date for the challenge of 30/1/20 so that it was completed in one year, but why? Well, yes it was to celebrate what should have been my dad’s 70th year, but really does it have to have a time limit? I am now thinking NO!

Why take on #MNDAD@70?

Another reason for taking on the #MNDAD@70 challenge was to raise as much money for the MNDA. There is still NO cure for this horrible disease! People are still being diagnosed with this death trap of a disease, so the more money and awareness I can raise, the better. The awareness and the money could make the difference. So I set out to do 70 raffles and that is exactly what I am going to do. Regardless of how long it takes me to do it.

My dad and me.

How can you get involved?

I have been overwhelmed by the number of people that have repeatedly got involved and donated to #MNDAD@70. I appreciate that not all the raffle prizes are going to appeal to everyone, and not everyone has the funds to keep donating, but you can still get involved.

Please keep sharing the raffles and #MNDAD@70 content. Your connections may want to enter, or you may just remind someone to enter. If you have got involved or won something, please share using the #MNDAD70 and tag me in too.

More people that are aware and following/using the #MNDAD70, the more likely companies are to get involved, providing some more amazing prizes. You see lots of people offering things on social media, but your not always sure that they can be trusted. So winners, please share. I really think it will help people trust this challenge if they see winning prizes.

If you have any ideas of how to promote the challenge more, suggestions for prizes, or any words of wisdom, please feel free to contact me, or add a comment below.

Dennis Murphy (My dad!)



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