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MNDA: The Truth about this awful disease #9

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What are the chances?

I used to think that MND was a rare disease. That’s what we were told when my dad was diagnosed, and I remember often thinking, why him? I remember getting angry, why did he have to have the disease where he didn’t have a chance to fight!

I recently emailed my fundraising link to my work colleagues, and soon found out that within my office of 9 of use, 3 have been directly affected by MND. Within my whole school, another member of staff has lost their mum to MND. It then got me thinking, how rare is it? My husband’s best friend died of MND, my sister’s friends dad died of MND. I wrote on the RunMND page about this, and was told about how another lady worked with 10 people in her team and out of the team 6 of them had a link to MND.

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The stats are scary, and worse still is the fact that THERE IS NO CURE!

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