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MK Winter Half Marathon – Race Recap

So, this is the race that was supposed to happen back in December 2017, but the weather decided it had other ideas. Back in December, I wasn’t entered for this race! Well, actually I wasn’t planning to run this race until about Thursday last week!

Last weekend, we had the really sad, devastating news that a member of our RunMND family Dave Solomon had lost his battle with MND. He was one of the nicest men you could ever meet, and his love of life was evident for all to see! Dave’s wife had planned to run this race, and when she said that she still would, I knew then that I wanted to run it too; To support Paula and run it for Dave.

Date: Sunday 18th February 2018

Time: 10am

Weather: It was cold, frosty and misty early on in the day, and a few of us running, had decided to keep our jackets on. By mile three, we knew that had been a bad idea, as Dave had sent us the sun, and had I not been layered up and hot, it would have been perfect weather for running.

Course: The course is one loop, which on the odd occasion that I wasn’t struggling and managed to look up, did look lovely. Along the canal’s and through very pretty villages. It is quite undulating, but I think my lack of fitness made this feel harder than it actually was. There is limited supporters on the course, so sections are quiet.



My race: Even though I have Brighton Half and the Big Half in the next two weeks, AND they have been in the diary for a while, I am still not fit, so always knew this was going to hurt! I also did not run AT ALL this week, as family commitments got in the way little, but I also used this as an excuse, as my mojo seems to be MIA!

We started right at the back, and the first mile was congested and fairly slow. I wasn’t too bothered about this as I thought it would probably help me towards the end. My legs felt heavy, my calves were stiff and I knew early on it was going to be a LONG race.


It wasn’t until mile 5 that my legs decided they did know how to run, and I ran a relaxed, fairly pleasant, 5 miles. By the time we got to mile 10, I was ready for the race to be over. There were times that I wanted to stop, but then Dave would pop into my mind, and I knew he would love the be running this race, so I just had to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

The little inclines and bridges hurt a lot towards the end, and my right hamstring was sore, which wasn’t helping, but the sun shinning did make it more bearable! There is a nice downhill section just before mile 13 marker, which really helps you wind up for the finish.

It may not have been my best run; actually it was a PW, but I loved running with my RunMND family, and we made sure we had some fun.



Lesson learned: If it was easy, everyone would do it!


  • #DoingItForDave
  • Running in my MND kit and raising more awareness
  • Nice organisation for the race, easy parking, baggage and the start was seamless, and drink stations were every 3 miles I think.
  • The running community – I just love the supportive nature of everyone.
  • They gave you a link to some free race photos, which is awesome as they can cost a fortune.


  • Little inclines that appear lots throughout the course.
  • I am NOT fit – this is maybe the kick up the backside that I needed.
  • The reason that I chose to run – MND sucks!





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