Mindset – it’s a funny old thing!

So, if you follow me on social media you would have witnessed my shock when I received a race number through the post back at the start of May. I was just contemplating what I would do next after London, and then this number came through for the Vitality London 10K on Monday!

I genuinely do not remember entering it, but I must have booked it a while back and forgot to put it in the diary! Oh well, more bling for me 🙂

As race day has approached, I have found my mindset changing. Instead of thinking about the medal and how I get another chance to run in London which is something I LOVE (Read here and here) , I am now panicking about the fact that I have ZERO speed in my legs, yet I am putting myself under pressure to get a PB, or close to it! Ridiculous really, as I have not trained specifically for it, and as I said before, my legs are not a fan of anything under 10 minute miling at the moment (if they ever were) and I am probably a fair bit heavier than I was when I got my PB. So why am I still feeling stressed and putting so much pressure on myself?

I am great at dishing out advice, often telling people, especially beginners that pace really does not matter. I wrote a post recently (coming soon) in where I state ‘walking isn’t cheating’, but I am just not listening to myself! Pace feels important at the moment and the thought of having to run any!!!

I think I am writing this post, to help change my mindset. I love taking part in events, the whole running community is great, and there is nothing quite like the buzz of race day. So can I just turn up on Monday and enjoy myself? Remember how lucky I am to get the opportunity to be running in one of the greatest Cities in the World; Remember how lucky I am to be able to run; Remember the runners high you get after a race; Remember the excitement you get to show off your medal; Remember the role model that I am being for my daughter. (I’m sure there are many more things I should be remembering!)


Running is tough on your body, but I think sometimes it can be tougher on your mind. Social media is great, the support and encouragement I get from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is amazing, but does it also make me put myself under unnecessary pressure, comparing my times to others?

So I am, as I did with the London Marathon,  going to set myself a Gold, Silver and Bronze goal.

Gold – A PB, that’s anything sub 56.09

Silver – Sub 1 hour

Bronze – Finish it and enjoy it

Does anyone else have this problem? Do you put too much pressure on yourself? Any advice on how to just go with the flow and enjoy Monday would be greatly appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Mindset – it’s a funny old thing!”

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  2. I know that you will have a really great run tomorrow. When I ran the same event, the support along parts of the course was amazing. Although you may not feel that you are in PB shape, I say definitely go for gold! Don’t put pressure on yourself, have fun but go for it! The course is flat, the support is amazing and the weather forecast looks perfect.

    1. Thanks Emma, I’m really hoping I do enjoy it. I do love running in London and a flat course is always great, so fingers crossed

  3. Considering I ran 4 miles today-last since Feb 28 (knee surgery) I’m grateful for forward continual motion! Hope you had fun! Cheers!

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