MIA: What have I been up to?

So, as the title suggests, I seem to have been Missing In Action! I’m glad to report that even though my blogging mojo seems to have gone missing, my running mojo hasn’t. If you follow me on Strava you will see that I am still running at least 3 times a week, and my other social media outlets have documented some of my training sessions and races that I have been taking part in. If you are not following me the links are as follows Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I picked up a PB yesterday at Bedford Parkrun which I was really pleased about.

My one running goal for the remainder of this year is to go sub 2 hours for a half marathon. I have booked 3 half marathons, and thought that I would work hard all over the summer and that would be  job done! Well, then I booked a holiday for 3 weeks, and I am now a little worried that the said ‘hard training‘ may not happen!

I am going to a place just outside Marbella, and I have stayed here before, so I know that the place is VERY hilly, and I really struggled to find any distance routes previously. There is a chance, that I was just being lazy, but I find running long routes on holiday much harder. I am sure if you were running with someone, it would be fun exploring, but running off into the unknown does worry me. It’s also the fact that you have to get up EARLY to get a run in, before it gets too hot! At home that’s fine, on holiday I struggle!

Last time I went, I took a skipping rope and did use it most days, my daughter is now older, so I hope to be able to swim a lot more, and I have my Nike Training App, so hopefully I can keep my fitness up and then crack on with the long runs when I return to the familiar routes.


So, any tips on how to achieve a sub 2 half? 

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