Watching the Sun Rise at Chapel St Leonards

Making Memories

So this is going to be a little off-piste from my normal blog posts, but I just felt compelled to share this. The number of times I mention running is going to be minimal, just a warning for you!


So you understand where this is coming from. 2020 is a weird year for everyone. This pandemic has changed life as we know it. It has made us realise that when people say, ‘you never know what is around the corner’. You really don’t. Add to this crazy year that I suddenly lost my mum back in February, this year is messing with me big time. To be honest, the last few years have been tough, but the loss of my mum has topped it all.


My mum was my best friend. Don’t get me wrong, we argued, she irritated me (mainly because we are so alike (Good and Bad) but she was the one I turned to ALL the time. Anything happened, ring my mum. I would tell her everything. When I was going through a rough patch at work, I would phone her almost every drive home and cry. She would always have my back. We were lucky with our mum (I have 2 sisters and a brother), so you can imagine the massive whole she is left in our lives.

When I was struggling with my mental health and worrying about work, my ability as a mother, my future (and everything else I could worry about) my mum often replied, “Don’t worry about it, things will work out, you never know what is around the corner”. Well wasn’t she clever!


My mum always had a sense of adventure. When we were younger I remember staying in log cabins for Christmas. Camping over Christmas. Spending the entire summer holidays in a tent so that my brother and I had the whole holiday park to play in. On Christmas morning, she would wake us up anytime between 3 am and 6 am.

Mum and Dad once told me to pack lots of clothes as we were going camping for the weekend. When I questioned why I need lots, she told me that she planned on pushing me in the lakes and pool lots. Yep, I fell for it. Turns out we were actually going on holiday for a week and it was a surprise!

Mum would be the one that would see people in the clouds, pirates on the beach and fairies in the wood. She loved the idea of magic and make-belief.

Making Memories

You are probably wondering where all this rambling is going. Well, last week I made plans with my sisters to go on an adventure. We wanted to make memories for our children. So a sunrise BBQ on the beach plan was hatched.

A 1:15 am alarm was extreme, but well worth it. We met Chapel St Leonards Beach, just north of Skegness around 4:15 am. By 5 am we had BBQ’d bacon rolls, watching the sunrise.

By 7 am, our crazy children were swimming in the sea. We chatted, played games and enjoyed a beach pretty much to ourselves until about 10 am. At this time a few people turned up but we were just leaving. So, why did I feel so compelled to share this, well the photos are amazing, so needed to be shared. But also the message that everyone needs to hear on a regular basis.

Playing in the sea as Sun Rises

Have an adventure, make memories. Do what you love. Learn something new. Have fun make it special. Live life to the fullest.

Dr. Suess

What adventures do you remember from your childhood? Any suggestions for things we should do with the kids?


19th August 2020 at 11:56 AM

What a lovely post. My Grandad always used to encourage us to use our money to spend on experiences instead of things- he loved to travel. And I think that is such great advice- do things don’t just buy things. And those open ended days are just the best- go and play in some woods for the day, stuff like that.

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