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Yesterday, I headed down to London, to the Expo, to register and collect my number. I felt a little sad dropping my daughter at pre-school, as she is not going to be at the marathon this year. I told her to look out for me on the TV. She’ll never see me, but at least she can be inspired by the 1000’s of people running.


Mile 17 at last years London Marathon

I enjoyed the Expo so much last year, so was really looking forward to it, and it never disappointed! Registration is straight forward, with really helpful, cheerful staff. Once registered, you head into the Expo, which is runners Heaven!



So many people in the same place, that all share the same passion as you! I knew it would be easy to spend a fortune, so I went with a plan!

I wanted another T-Shirt for my daughter. Runderwear,  as I had heard such great things about them via Twitter. There has been such a buzz about the product for the last month or so.

A Tribesports top. And then to take part in as much of the free promo/social media opportunities.

I will always run for my Dad, and support MNDA. One day a cure will be found, so people have the chance to fight it.


This was my estimate of my finishing time!

The t-shirt quality for my daughter wasn’t the same as last year, but I think they have made them cheaper to purchase, so more accessible for everyone. And to be honest, after marathon week, I feel a bit embarrassed when she wears it!


No pressure!

Runderwear had a special offer on,  so I bought 2 pairs for £25. The staff were lovely. Really knowledgeable, very friendly and extremely helpful. I had a 10 minute run to do yesterday, so I tried them out straight away. Wow! I will do a full report on them soon, but I can definitely see why everyone is raving about them!

I went to say hi, and thank you to Tribesports for their raffle donation. Their kit is also amazing. The material is so soft and I love that the colours aren’t the usual pink for women. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size top left, but they gave me a discount code to use online, so I am heading to their website (although that worries me as it could mean more than a T shirt!)

Whilst walking around, I also saw Dame Kelly Holmes and had my picture taken with her.


Dame Kelly Holmes

I left the Expo tired, but totally pumped for Sunday. I just hope the weather forecast is wrong. I don’t mind running in rain, I just think it will spoil the party for the spectators.

If you are running Sunday, Good Luck. If you are spectating, let me know where, so I can look out for you.

You can still donate here

An average runner that has found a passion for running and raising money/awareness for MNDA. I have completed London, New York, and Chicago marathons. I am tempted to go for the Six-Star finishers medal, running all the World Marathon Majors, but that's a dream in progress.

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