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Surely everyone has heard someone ask WHY RUN? at some point in their life. For those that don’t run, it seems the most ghastly thing to do. But for those that run, the most ghastly thing appears to be not running. So why do people run? This is the question I posted on my instagram story last week for InstaSays.

So why do I run? I think it has now become part of me. That’s what I do. I don’t always want to do it, but I know I am a much nicer person once I have run. It just makes me feel so much better mentally and physically. I have not been blessed with the tall athletic figure, so running also helps me to be able to eat lots and still look relatively presentable (Yep I know that is open to debate 🤣)

I love the friends I have met through running and the community that I have found. They just feel like my type of people. Fun, adventurous, go-getters. Runners don’t often take themselves too serious and often spend too much time oversharing, often about toilet habits. Yes, I am a little immature and this always makes me giggle! Running gives me confidence too. If I can stick to training plans, keep going in races when I really want to stop, then sometimes I think I can conquer anything and everything.

So let’s have a look at what others have said. Although I have to just say, I don’t believe all of what Colin says!! But maybe it’s because he compares everything to running, which he is exceptionally good at!!!

Burleigh Beach Run
You get to run in some pretty awesome places too. Burleigh Beach, Australia

To temporarily escape from the real world!


Keeps me and same and relatively fit…😊


Reduce stress 🙌🏻


It makes me feel properly alive & proud of myself 🤗


To justify good food!!


Headspace/burn off SOME of the crap I eat & drink/someone tells me it’s good for me!!


Because it makes me feel alive ❤️


For headspace 🙏🏻


I run for headspace and also because I’m sh*t at everything else.


It’s good for the mind, heart, body and soul xx


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Happy running x

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