InstaSays – Why is running bad for you?

Well, this is a strange question to ask! This blog is crazy about running, maybe slightly in love with it. I am always encouraging people to try running, take up running or run more. But are there any negatives? When I thought about this question, it did make me laugh as I could come up with so many answers!

It steals your sleep, it often makes your bank manager unhappy, it breaks your heart when you can’t do it for a while. You can never get enough, you want to enter EVERY race, you always want get better. I could go on…

Instead, let’s have a look what everyone else had to say. Spoiler alert:- There seems to be a very common answer!

Jumping Runners

It makes you spend all your money on running gear!! 😬


It makes you spend lots of money on trainers and race entries.


It’s bad for my bank balance.


I keep spending on new running gear! Do I need it? Probably not. Oh and it gave me a plantar injury. 


It can get quite expensive (emotionally and financially) if you pick up an injury😬


I see positives only. For people with families, it might cause issues but it doesn’t apply to me.


Can’t think of any reasons…..


All the washing you have to do 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Because it can become an obsession! And trainers are expensive.


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