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InstaSays – Which is your favourite race ever?

With the virtual London Marathon looming last week it got me thinking about racing again. So I asked the question Which is your favourite race? Pinning down a great race is quite difficult; what makes it great? PB’s? Route? Who you ran it with? The Bling?

New York City Marathon will always be up there for me. It just holds such special memories and it’s where I got my marathon PB (Read about it here and here). I would love to go back and run it again, it’s a tough course but it’s worth it!

NYC Marathon Medal 2017

Kielder Dark Skies, marathon in the dark around Kielder Waters and Forest up in Northumberland


London Marathon! Loved it! The atmosphere is amazing🏅 🤩


Do I need to say?😉 (This response is because Chris now understands why I raved about NYC marathon so much!)


Can I have 3?? 

  1. My 2nd Great South Run – seeing my uncle out for the last time.


2. Hangman Ultra – it showed me that anything is possible! With a hug at the end.


3. My 1st Endure… Being part of a proper huge family (RunMND)


Dublin Marathon as it was my first. Great support and a seriously good drink after!🍻


Reading these and thinking about races I have completed, is making me really miss racing. I can’t wait to get back to meeting up with people at events. Going to Parkrun on a Saturday morning; not sure many of us will moan about the 9 am start anymore. I know that some races have started up again, but I want expo’s, finish line cuddles, supporters and so on. Hopefully that is not too far away now.

As always, if you want to share you missed the box on my Insta Stories, add you favourite race below to let me know.

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