InstaSays – What is your favourite song to run too?

I just love how music evokes memories. You can be listening to the radio and then one song comes on and it transports you back to senior school. This definitely happens to me with Oasis Wonderwall. I listen to this song and suddenly I am in the Sixth Form again! Play American Pie and I am back on the ski slopes with school friends.

It also has the power to motivate you. Ever found certain songs make you pick up the pace? Can anyone run slowly to Eye of the Tiger? I have so many songs that remind me of races too. London Calling is almost always played before the Big Half Marathon. Mr Brightside is one of my all time favourite songs and when it came on just prior to starting the New York Marathon it gave me all the feels.

So last week, I asked Instagram what is your favourite song to run too. I might even make a playlist on Spotify using the tracks suggested!


Wake me up by Avicci


At the moment it’s Head & Heart by Joel Corey – I love it ❤️




Don’t stop me now, Queen


Fit but you know it, by The Streets


Anything by Queen


Bizarrely ‘Patience’ by Take That – It’s the perfect beat for running up a hill🤣


Macklemore – Downtown or Lizzo – Good as Hell


Thriller! Love a bit of MJ!


U2 Beautiful Day


On the run (trance music)


Let me know what your favourite song is below, they may just all keep me company on my next run!

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