InstaSays – Advice for Winter Running

We seemed to have jumped straight from Summer to Winter, bypassing Autumn! I’ve gone from very hot to Very cold – or is that just me? I’m not very good with the cold!! I ran today with my friend Christine. She is from ‘Up Norf’. I turned up in long tights, long sleeves and a t-shirt over the top. Oh and a Buff just a incase. She turned up in a vest and shorts.🤣

Last week I asked Instagram, for advice about Winter running and here it what was suggested:

Running in snow

A buff to cover your nose/mouth at the start of the run. Headband to keep ears warm. Windproof jacket and run at lunchtime if possible.


Make sure you can be seen and can see when it is dark


Dress for mile 2 and beyond! Once you get through the first 10 minutes, you’ll always be toasty!


Wear patterned tops that hide the hard nipples!


Always plan a route.


Layer up – it’s much easier to move items if you get too warm. Get a decent head or chest light for the darker mornings and evenings.


Hi-Viz top, wrap up but not too much and embrace the cold/wet.


Stay visible! I really can’t say it enough… Light yourself up like a Christmas Tree!


I think there is some great advice above. I am a big fan of the buff during the winter months. It is so versatile. On many occasions I have been known to double buff! One thing that isn’t mentioned above, that I think is needed. Find other runners to run with. You are less like to opt out on cold/dark nights if you are meeting people. It makes the run much more enjoyable too!

If you have any other suggestions, drop a comment below. Make sure you are following me on Instagram too. Check my stories each Wednesday to find out what the InstaSays Question is for that week.

As this is possibly the last post before Sundays London Marathon, good luck to anyone running it!

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