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The running community on Instagram are very supportive, passionate about running and knowledgeable. If I am in need of an answer, I will often ask the question there and get lots of advice.

So, this gave me an idea! Why not start a blog series called ‘InstaSays’ I can ask a question. Hopefully a useful one and then collate all the answers here for people to refer too.

So this week I asked ‘What is the best piece of advice for a new runner?’ The media keep reporting how there are lots of people that have taken up running during lockdown. So if that is you, I hope this will be useful. Check out my blog post on ‘How to get started‘ if you are still thinking about starting.

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Smile, have fun, change up your route and remember this is for you, don’t compare.


Smile break miles


Run as slow as possible instead of walking


Listen to your body! Take the day off if you’re sore. Go easy when you are tired.


Small goals, they feel like huge achievements & make to stick with it.


Don’t worry about walking sometimes.


Relax, enjoy & smile.


Be kind to yourself first of all. Start slowly. Progress gradually. Don’t worry about pace and stick to it.

Use others for inspiration but don’t compare yourself to them! Just do what you can!


Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!


So what do you think? If you have any of your own suggestion please add it below and your IG handle to be added to the list. If you have any good questions for me to ask, drop those below too.

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