As always the Olympics has inspired the nation and today the entire nation was invited to take part in events across the UK the celebrate the success of TeamGB. Some of the Olympians actually attended events put on. I am currently in Scotland, so did a little bit of Parkrun tourism. 

I spend a lot of time in Dundee visiting family, so can’t believe I haven’t run the Camperdown Parkrun before today. The park is such a lovely setting, although I was slightly apprehensive about the hills before starting. 5k’s are hard enough without trying to run uphill too!

The run started at 9.30am, which is different from most Parkruns. At the start they were handing out the #IAmTeamGB stickers, we had the briefing and then we were off! 

The start is downhill which is a pleasant way to start. The course is quite narrow at the start and I started towards the back of the course, so was caught behind some slower runners early on. As we seemed to be going downhill lots, I knew it wasn’t going to be long before we had to head up hill! 

Welcome to mile 2! The hill felt like it went on FOREVER, and I actually stopped to walk a bit! I know, I know walking during a 5k!! 

The course weaves and climbs through the wooded area of the park and it is a really nice run. Tough, but a really nice environment. The final section of the course is about 300m uphill to the finish. So much for my sprint finish, I felt more like I was running in treacle! I finished in 29:25 which is nothing special, but it does give me a time to beat next time I’m in Dundee!

I hope that the nations sports day happens annually as I have loved the buzz around today! 

Did you take part in any of the extra events put on for today?

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