How was your week?

If any of you are feeling like me, then this week feels like a month. To be honest, this weekend feels like it has taken a fair few days to past. Isn’t it weird?

So, technically I am a key worker as I teach in a school and when I left work a week ago Friday they had asked me to go in on Monday. No one had any idea how many children were going to be attending school so I think they just wanted as many staff in as possible.

My daughter had been feeling under the weather on that Friday but played it down as she was desperate to see her friends knowing that she wasn’t going to be seeing them for the foreseeable future. By the Saturday, feeling under the weather had escalated to a full-on cold. Sneezing, coughing, temperature, so that was that. 14 days isolation for us all. So I haven’t been off my home plot since. We are so lucky to have a garden, so I have been outside, well the beautiful weather has been too good to miss.

Cup of Tea

I have been using the treadmill to get my runs completed. It was so hard to miss running in the sun, but still being able to run was good enough. I have noticed that when my brain is working overtime and anxiety is kicking in big time, running has helped so much.

Every morning this week, we have started our day with Joe Wicks PE lesson. 30-minute HITT sessions and I had some serious DOMS midweek. I’ve really enjoyed doing these with my daughter, giggling and just having fun. It’s a great start to the day.

Post HITT Workout

On Monday, I got tagged in the Instagram #see10do10tag10 so had to do my 10 press-ups. My upper body strength is usually and annoyingly my camera didn’t record the first set, so I ended up doing another set of 10.

To finish off my active Monday I completed my run clubs virtual session which was a killer. 10 minutes warm-up, then 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, minutes pyramid. Followed by 5 x 1 minute and a 5 minute cool down.

Let’s just say that I was ready for bed on Monday evening! As you can imagine there was a little bit of aching on Tuesday, so after Joe’s PE lesson I did a little yoga with Adriene on YouTube. A stretch was very much needed.

Having hardly completed any steps on Tuesday, I just walked on the treadmill. I am keen to stay active, as it is so easy to just sit on the sofa all day.

Even though I am starting every day with Joe Wicks, I also ran on Monday, Wednesday, Friday Sunday. Friday was another club session and was tough. I had planned to do my own Parkrun on Saturday but woke up feeling really sick. I ended up staying in bed until about 1 pm. It was really weird as by about 3 pm the sickness cleared and I felt much better. I decided to not run at all and just rest.

10K on the treadmill on Sunday completed my running for the week. I had planned for a longer run, inspired by Mrs Brems, who completed a half marathon on the treadmill. But as I hit the hour mark, messages started pinging on my phone and my daughter needed me to help her, so I called it quits. I am happy enough with my activities this week and hope that I keep this all up as the weeks continue.

One of the successes of this week has been our daily Video Call with my nieces and nephews. We play maths games and catch up and it is lovely for all the kids. If you have ever played 21 dares, we play something similar to that, although whoever lands on 21 is out. To make it more difficult, we replace certain timetables with words. For example, any multiple of 3 has to be replaced with the word buzz. We have also played bingo, helping them practices their times tables too.

I am going to lookup more games that they can play over Video Call as it is really nice for them to learn together, whilst they are still catching up with each other.

Please message me if you would like me to explain 21 in full. If you have any other suggestions for games let me know in the comments. Are you staying active? How are you keeping occupied?

2 thoughts on “How was your week?”

  1. Hello 🙂 I must admit that for me personally, last week was challenging. I didn’t do much in the way of exercise and spent far too much time watching the news, making myself feel anxious. I’ve decided that I’m going to be more positive going forward and am limiting my time on social media and watching the news.I may have completely lost my running mojo (watch it return when we get banned from going outside) but I have been using my exercise bike more. Take care and keep blogging x

    1. Sorry to read that it was challenging Emma, hope this week is better. It is so hard not to watch all the news etc, but I think limiting it may help you. I am so glad that I have the treadmill as exercising is really helping. Stay safe x

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