Happenings 01.11.2020

I know that usually, a Sunday post would be a Getting to know… post, but the truth is I have been really slack at sorting the next batch of people. I have been busy trying to get mumNdad@70 off the ground and just seemed not to line up the next person. Sorry! I will get on to it straight away!

So instead, I thought I’d do another life update, as I realised the last one was back at the start of September. How is it possible that parts of this year have seemed to drag, yet I can’t believe that we are nearing the end already! 2020 has been the weirdest year ever!

Doing: I seem to be spending a lot of time thinking about where I am heading. I harp on all the time about getting out of teaching, yet have no idea what to do! Really not helpful. How do you work out what you are supposed to do? I even tried using the Ikigai Venn Diagram, but gave up as couldn’t work out what I was good at!!

Hearing: As usual, I am listening to The Mindset Mentor podcast. It seems to motivate me and open my eyes up to new things every episode.

Drinking: As always too much tea and not enough water.

Eating & Cooking: Satusumas!! Obviously not cooking them, but I absolutely LOVE satsumas. I am not sure if that’s because they are always avaible around my birthday and Christmas. Hehe

Taking a photo

Wanting: For everything to go back to normal. I know this is a big ask, but COVID-19 seems to be dominating everything. Like everyone, I miss so many things.

Looking: I seem to be spending a fair bit of time looking for photography tricks. I have really got into photography. I am tempted to do a photography course. There are SO many available, so if anyone has any recommendations please comment below.

Deciding: Whether I need a new treadmill or not. I am not convinced that my treadmill speed is correct. Also, it only goes up to 12kph. I know this is still fast for me, but as I mainly use it for intervals I could do with it going faster.

Enjoying: My Saturday morning long runs with Sarah and Christine. I am gutted that these are not possible anymore. We will have to have a rota to see who is running with who from now on! Luckily, after our last run, we sat and had a good natter and coffee. It was like we knew that would be the last for a while!

Watching: The Great House Giveaway seems to be on far too much in our house at the moment.

Reading: Untamed. Yep still! I am a very slow reader. Well, not actually slow at reading, just poor at prioritising time to read. I am nearly finished and it is a good one. I really must read more!

Wearing: Lots of layers! I hate being cold, so I seem to be in lots of layers all the time. Many times unnecessary when running and I end up having to strip off after mile 1!

Buying: My Proviz Reflective Hat. If anyone is thinking about buying anything from Proviz please get in contact as I have a code which will allow you a 20% discount (Affiliated Link)

Craving: For normality.

Playing: I am not sure what I am playing?? Playing at being an adult and not really too sure that I like it too much. Was it easier being a kid?

Planning: To get faster. I decided that it was about time that I stopped just plodding along. So, I’m starting with 5K. I have completed 2 speed sessions this week.

Savouring: Too much chocolate!

Loving: Sunsets and the Autumn landscape. I ran last week and we started early. By the time we got to the lake, the sky was amazing. The sun was rising and I couldn’t help but to stop and take photos. It was just amazing.


Feeling: Angry. For some reason, the announcement of a second lockdown has made me feel angry. I personally don’t feel the government is handling this pandemic too well and their lack of clarity and half-hearted attempts to implement things just annoy me. Really, the second lockdown doesn’t affect my family too much, but I really feel for those people that it does.

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