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Welcome to ‘Getting to know…’ number 23. I have loved Karianne’s photos from Singapore. She has recently moved there and is exploring a new place by running and cycling. Here is her running journey.

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Karianne Di Salvo




Analyst – but currently unemployed, as I have recently moved to Singapore with my husband.  So am spending my days exploring and running!


How long have you been running?

On and off for about 15 years!  But more ‘seriously’ and regularly for the past 5 years!

What made you start running?

I started running about 17 years ago when I was at university.  I felt like I needed something to keep off the weight that I had started to pile on due to my new student lifestyle (which included a lot of beer). However, I was running because I thought I should, rather than because I wanted to.

For the past 7 years, I have been running because I have fallen totally in love with it!  It’s no longer something I do because I think I should.  It’s something that I love to do and can’t imagine my life without!

Why do you run now?

 Because it is part of who I am – I honestly can’t see my life without running in it anymore. Running has really helped me manage my mental health. When I am feeling anxious or stressed, I know that running is something that can help me through it. It also teaches me a lot about myself – from running, I know that I am stronger and more resilient than I thought I was.

What was your last event?

My last race was The Thames Meander Half Marathon in March.  I was really unsure if it would go ahead. I think it was the last weekend before most races started being called off.

Then I ran my local parkrun on March 24th, before they were postponed indefinitely. 

I was meant to be running Brighton Marathon and the Fox Ultra – but COVID had other ideas.

What is your next event?

Who knows!  I am really hoping that parkrun will return soon and that my next ‘event’ will be at my new home parkrun at East Coast Park.  In terms of an official race, I was planning on entering the Singapore Marathon in November – but this has been cancelled too!  So, I will just wait to see how 2021 goes. 

Favourite thing about running?

Freedom. It gives me time to myself, to think and to process life – and to not worry about things. I think I need that more than ever right now! I also love how it is helping me explore my new home in Singapore!

Worst thing about running?

Social media. I think social media can be really great.  But I think it is really easy to forget that others (mostly) only show you what they want you to see. The fast runs. The runs in amazing locations. The PB’s. And it can lead to a lot of people feeling like they are not doing well enough. It took me a long time to become confident enough to stop comparing myself to others.


What one piece of advice would you give to a beginner?

Don’t put pressure on yourself and just take it one run at a time. Some days, you will feel great and be able to run further than you thought.  Other days, you may not have a great run. Every day is different, and every run is an opportunity to learn.

Oh.. and go to parkrun!

Best piece of advice given to you?

Comparison is the thief of joy.  Don’t worry how fast others are, or how far others run.   Focus on yourself and celebrate your achievements!

Favourite race distance?

I actually really like 10 milers. I’ve only raced a couple, but I like that there is something in between a 10k and a half marathon!

Funniest thing that has ever happened to you whilst running?

A few weeks ago, I totally misjudged what I thought was a muddy puddle… it turned out to be a bog! My leg went in, right past the ankle and came out without my trainer.  In between hysterical laughter, my friend (who had avoided the bog and kept her trainers!) managed to find a stick and pulled my shoe out of the mud. But I had to run the next 7km with a very squishy foot! 

Most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you whilst running?

While dressed as Harry Potter during the Bacchus Half Marathon, I tried to cast a ‘wingardium leviosa’ spell on some other runners to help them fly around the course.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention to my feet and had already consumed quite a bit of the on-course wine… so rather than helping them fly, I flew myself headfirst into a bush.


On average, how many miles do you run per month?

Probably around 60-70 miles. My milage has decreased since moving to Singapore, as I am trying to adjust to the heat and humidity.

Do you belong to a running club?

When I was back in the UK, I was a member of Mole Valley Runners – an amazingly supportive running group who helped me find a love of running with others.  I still have my MVR vest and will wear it out here with pride!  I am hoping to find a local Singapore running club soon.

Do you do any other forms of exercise in addition to running?

I enjoy cycling and swimming. I also do yoga a few times a week and have just started skipping!

Favourite pre-race/pre-long run meal?

My husband is Italian… so for me, it’s a big bowl of pasta the evening before! the morning, a bagel with peanut butter and a strong black coffee!

Favourite post-run meal?

Probably a burger and a beer – or another big bowl of pasta!  Love the carbs!

Do you have any superstition?

Nope!  Not in running or in life in general. 

What is your biggest achievement sport wise?

For me, it was probably getting my first ever sub 30 minute 5k about 3 years ago. I’m now down to a sub 26 minute PB, but the feeling of finally achieving sub 30 is something I will never forget!

If you were granted one wish related to running, what would it be?

At the moment, it would be for COVID to do one, so that parkrun can come back. parkrun has become a huge part of my life, as both a runner and a volunteer, and to be honest, I’ve been struggling without it – especially with moving to a new country, where I had planned on using parkrun as a way of finding new friends!



Instagram: @gattina_rosa_runs 

This or That

Early Morning Run or Evening Run

Tea or Coffee

Winter Running or Summer Running

Solo running or Running with Friends

Road Running or Trail Running

Dog or Cat

Miles or Kilometres

Run with someone chatty or run with someone silent – If I want silence, I’ll go out on my own.  I love a slow chatty run!

Run with no sock or run with no underwear  

Run a hilly 5k or flat 10k

Run a hilly 10K or flat half marathon

Run a hilly Half Marathon or Flat Marathon

Run a hilly Marathon or Flat Ultra Marathon (as much as I love hills, not sure my legs could handle a hilly marathon!)

Run as much as you want on the treadmill or only run once a week outside

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