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Welcome to ‘Getting to know…’ number 13. This week we are lucky enough to be getting to know more about Emma. She has had to work really hard to even be able to run, what an inspiration.

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Emma Pond




Senior Clinical Trial Coordinator

Emma with her finishers medal after the Big Half

How long have you been running?

I had been on and off running from 2011, but only really got into running (more frequently than a few times a year) in late 2017. 

What made you start running?

I don’t really enjoy gyms and I’m an absolutely terrible swimmer. Running seemed like my only option for exercise when I first started back in 2011!

Why do you run now?

Because I really enjoy it. It’s brought me friends, parkrun tourism, trails and adventures in cities I’ve not been too before (I usually travel a lot for work). Actual running is a small part of running really!

What was your last event?

The Official Big Half Relay – I ran 5k from Tower of London to Canary Wharf, it was a great event. I only signed up last minute, but it’s ended up being my only event of 2020 and I’m glad because the atmosphere was amazing. I have some really fond memories of that day! 

What is your next event?

Who knows?! Potentially Manchester Marathon next April, but obviously depends on the whole situation. Next year I also have plans for Race to the Tower Ultra and Snowdonia Marathon Eyri. Out of all of them, I actually want the ultra to happen more, I’ve really gotten into trail adventures in the last year or so!

Favourite thing about running?

Adventures! I’m a huge fan of trail running, and I love a run that takes me to new places. When you’re exploring, the miles tick off without you really noticing.

Worst thing about running?

Awkward weather days, especially in spring – it’s always such a pain finding kit to wear. You end up being too warm or cold, not ideal!

What one piece of advice would you give to a beginner?

Your journey is yours. Everyone’s path to becoming a runner is different, so try not to compare yourself to where someone else is on their journey to where you are on yours.

Best piece of advice given to you?

Set an intention for your runs. Even if it is ‘just to get around’ and if you’re struggling, turn your focus to your intention to take your mind off things. 

Favourite race distance?

10 miles.

The funniest thing that has ever happened to you whilst running?

It wasn’t really funny at the time, but in hindsight, we do have a giggle about this now. My partner and I were on a trail run and he was following me. For reference, I am 5ft 2 and he is 6ft 2. I was happily running along and all of a sudden, I heard a loud crash and a groan. Turns out he was too focused on me and ran headfirst into a branch because he hadn’t clocked it. The smallest cuts often give rise to the most blood!! We weren’t far from the car at the time, so it wasn’t too bad. But now he usually runs upfront…

Most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you whilst running?

There’s nothing quite like having an awkward sports bra moment in a place you think is pretty quiet…

On average, how many miles do you run per month?

Between 60 and 90.

Emma exploring more trails.

Do you belong to a running club?

Sadly not. I have run with a running ‘crew’ in Birmingham (I work there, live further away) but it’s impossible for me now to run with them even with restrictions lifting. It seems a bit absurd to catch a train to go run with people. The club I’d love to join where I live is too far from my house for me to get too (we only have one car and my partner uses it for commuting).

Do you do any other forms of exercise in addition to running?

 I do yoga and recently took up power walking when I had a (thankfully brief) injury. I’ve also taken up a lot more strength work now I have no commute and a bit more time! Hopefully, I’ll keep it up after this… I’m also a keen hiker and winter mountaineer, spending at least 2 of my holidays of the year on mountains.

Favourite pre-race/pre-long run meal?

Bowl of cereal, a slice of toast and a cup of tea.

Favourite post-run meal?

Burgers with masses of chips and ALL the beer.

Do you have any superstition?

Not when it comes to running.

What is your biggest achievement sport wise?

It’s cheesy but running! I was diagnosed at 18 with rheumatoid arthritis and almost overnight lost the ability to walk. It took a lot of work to get where I am, so I genuinely am proud to even just be able to run. Although this year I did have marathon plans and reached 17 miles before they cancelled my marathon. I genuinely never thought a marathon was doable, so I’m really proud of myself for that. It’s reassuring for moving to ultras next year!

If you were granted one wish related to running, what would it be?

 That I had a hot tub for recovery.


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