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Getting to know…Dave

Welcome to ‘Getting to know…’ number 27. If you are Instagram you will probably already know this, but Dave is one of the most supportive people around. He will always take time to read captions and send you a word of support.

If something has gone well, he’ll be the first to congratulate you too. He runs in some of the most stunning surroundings, so if you are not following him, I suggest you do now!

If you have missed any of the other ‘Getting to know‘ post, you can find them here. If you would like to nominate for someone to feature, or you would like to take part yourself. Please get in contact. (rularuns@outlook.com)

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Dave Carter 




Forkhoist Operator/Dairy exporter. 

Getting to know...Dave

How long have you been running?

I’ve been consistently running since 2017. I’ve had a few cracks at it in the past, but never pushed on because of constant knee problems.  

What made you start running?

Well, to put it bluntly, I was well overweight! The previous attempts at running were purely for weight loss.

This time around, due to meeting some cool runners in the town I’d moved to, I got into running to be sociable and to lose weight. Once I’d lost all 20kg of excess weight I kept going simply because I enjoyed running.

Why do you run now?

As I alluded to in the previous question, I developed a love for running during my weight loss, while training for a half marathon. After doing my first event I was well and truly hooked!

But after a significant injury doing my first road half, I returned to running late 2018 via trail running. It’s much easier on my body and a love for trail running was born!

And to actually answer the question, I run now because I love the challenge every time I lace the shoes up. Especially when I’m off for a long trail marathon or ultra. 

What was your last event?

My last official event was the Tarawera ultra Marathon here in New Zealand. I completed the 53km course just under 7 hours, with over 1500m elevation. It was tough! 

Definitely an amazing experience, and it was my first ultra-marathon. I’ve since done 3 more unofficial ultras in my training. 

What is your next event?

I currently have nothing booked, but I’m eyeing up the Christchurch half marathon in April 2021, where I aim to beat my PB and go sub 1:45 

Favourite thing about running?

I can eat and drink all the grotty food that I like!!! That, and I just love the mental challenge of running far or fast. 

Worst thing about running?

5k runs and Intervals are the devil. They hurt. I’m a trail runner, and I’ll plod out a marathon happily compared to brutal intervals where you feel like you’re going to soil yourself and throw up a lung. But they are so beneficial!  

What one piece of advice would you give to a beginner?

 I wish someone told me that you don’t need to run fast every time you go for a run. Running easy for 80% of your training is more beneficial than smashing your legs to bits. Training your endurance base by running easy is so good. The best advice I’ve ever been given.   

Best piece of advice given to you?

As I mentioned in the previous question: running easy. I was taught about heart rate zones and that running in zone 2 for most (or at least some) of your training IS of more benefit than running hard all the time. In essence, your training your easy pace up. It takes time, but it works. 

Favourite race distance?

I’m a sucker for a trail marathon. Love them. They’re brutal by the time you’re done, but I love them all the same. I would say 50km ultras, but they are next level suffering! 

Funniest thing that has ever happened to you whilst running?

I have run into poles and parked cars whilst looking at my phone. I have been snapped at by old ladies shaking their heads at me with disapproval whilst unashamedly taking selfies.

Stopped at numerous shops to buy cans of fizzy drink and chocolate mid-run, tripped on some old railway lines on a trail run whilst my friend was filming us running on her go-pro. I absolutely nailed my elbow, it took months to stop hurting! 

Most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you whilst running?

Once I had to “take care of business” in a little bush whilst running around the recreation ground in the small town I used to live in.

I had my dog trying to literally stick his nose in my business, and here’s me squatting with my bloody pants around my ankles, in a little bush. There were people coming and I was trying to keep the dog quiet and out of the way. Omg, it was bad!

Just to rub it in I strained my calf muscle on my way home and missed a month of running! 

On average, how many miles do you run per month?

I’m usually up around 180 – 200 miles per month when I’m running well and not injured!  

Do you belong to a running club?

No, I’m a solo runner most of the time because I work long shifts and I just can’t commit to a club as I’m always tired. I run in accordance with how I feel on any given run. I am very disciplined and I train hard on my own. I feel lucky that I don’t need to join a club to stay motivated.  

Do you do any other forms of exercise in addition to running?

 Nope. Just strength training for my running. 

Favourite pre-race/pre-long run meal?

Pizza or burgers are pretty much my favourite food. I like potatoes as a good carb load leading up to an event. 

Favourite post-run meal?

Yeah I absolutely kill burgers and fries with ice cream and a beer or fizzy drink. Do not ask me for a nutrition plan because I’m a good example of a bad example. 

Do you have any superstition?

Nope. Not a single one.  

What is your biggest achievement sport wise?

Completing a 100 km ultra-marathon for a virtual 24-hour event. I did the same 2.4-mile loop for 17 hours. It was so tough. But I did it and I’m forever going to be able to say I did 100 km. 

If you were granted one wish related to running, what would it be?

I would love to be able to run at sub 8:00 miles for all long-distance events. 

Getting to know...Dave


Instagram: @trail_blazer_nz – My account is private but I will accept you if you’re a runner or not advertising stuff. 

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