Ever since my dad passed away in 2010, I have been fundraising for The Motor Neurone Disease Association. I have raised over £4,500 pounds. No amount of money raised will ever be enough until a cure is found. The disease is vile and it still has no cure. I will spare all the details, as if you type MND into the search bar, I am pretty sure you will get numerous posts to scroll through. 


Recently, my mum died suddenly from a heart attack, so I have now created a new fundraising page which splits the money between the MNDA and British Heart Foundation. Times are tough for everyone at the moment, so I am trying to think of fundraising ideas rather than just asking people to donate. But if you do have some spare pennies and would like to donate the page is

I will be completing the virtual London Marathon on Sunday 4th October. I will think often of my Mum and Dad on the way round, and I know that they will help me when it gets tough!

With lots of races cancelled, I have another idea in the pipeline, so keep checking back to find out more information.

Mum & Dad
My Mum & Dad
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