#FridayFinds #1

I have to admit that I am a bit addicted to social media, and the internet! It still amazes me, how does it all work? (how old do I sound?) Being a teacher, I am dumbfounded when students don’t do their homework, as they didn’t know how to do it! I often lecture them on how I used o have to go to the library and read books to research, yet they probably could have typed the questions into a search engine and the solution would probably appear.

I find out a lot of information from Twitter, and it gave me the idea to create a weekly post; and poof ‘#FridayFinds‘ was born. Each Friday, I am going to highlight three things from the cyber world which I think are good/useful/worthy of sharing. It will help remind me of all the great things around, and hopefully readers will find it beneficial too!

So here goes; this week I am highlighting three running communities that I think are awesome!

  1. Run Mummy Run – on both Facebook and Twitter, this community is for the ladies, and although the title says has mummy in it, you don’t actually have to be a mummy tScreen Shot 2016-04-07 at 20.40.09o join. There are over 20,000 people on the Facebook community and the great thing is, the range of people. You have some people who are looking to start running, and then you have some that are running Ultras. Everyone is made to feel just as valued as a member, regardless of their experiences or achievements. The group is so motivating, and a great source for advice. The community also have branded kit that can be purchased, and this means that there is almost always someone at a race from the RMR community; you’re never feel alone.
  2. Uk Run Chat – again they are both on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is where all the magic happens in this community though. TheyUk Run Chat host what they class as the ‘Fastest Hour of the Week‘, both on a Sunday and Wednesday night from 8pm – 9pm. Basically the community chat and use the #ukrunchat and it really does fly by. You get to talk with like-minded people, and no one minds when you go on and on and on about running 🙂
  3. RunMND – Back in 2014 when I ran my first London Marathon, one of the MND runners decided to start-up a Facebook page, so all of Team MND could communicate and support each other through their marathon journey. We even managed to meet up at the expo and prior to the race. The group has now gone from strength to strength, with many new members joining, all with the common goal of raising funds and awareness for the MNDA. Everyone has their own reason for being part of the group, but from it lifelong friendship have formed.

#TeamMND - London Marathon 2014


RUN MND - No finish line until there is a cure.

So, there it is! My first #FridayFinds. Obviously I am aware there are so many great communities out there for runners, but these are just my top 3.

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