Fabulous #FridayFinds – What I think is good this week! #7

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I make no apologies for this, my first share this week. I know that it was only last week that I shared Mind Over Matter blog, but I shared it as I think it’s great, and this week, Mrs B shared a great post. I think this is so true, and perhaps something we should all read at least once a month!


Another person to follow on Twitter, and Strava…. ok I really do sound like I stalk people! Emma is a runner, run leader and #UkRunChat team blue member. She has run marathons, ultra’s and generally shares her running journey. I have been fortunate enough to meet Emma at this years Kingston Breakfast run, and she is lovely in the real world too!


As summer approaches and people are looking for a book to read on the beach (Oooo take me there now please!) I can’t recommended Running with the Kenyans enough. Honestly, I am not the best at reading, having every intention to read, but if I’m not hooked within the first chapter, that’s me done! I could not put this book down, It was an easy, engaging read, so if you haven’t already, go read it!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.47.33

There we have it, my three finds for this week. I know some of them are not exactly new (the book) but I thought it was worth sharing. If anyone has any interesting things to share from this week. Please comment below and share away.


An average runner that has found a passion for running and raising money/awareness for MNDA. I have completed London, New York, and Chicago marathons. I am tempted to go for the Six-Star finishers medal, running all the World Marathon Majors, but that's a dream in progress.

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