Continuous Hills

Today’s session was another first for me! My training plan said continuous hills – 15-minute warm-up 3 x 4 minutes running up and down a hill with 3 minutes rest in the middle, followed by 15 minutes cool down. As I was at my sisters for Christmas, I headed out of her village, in search of a hill!

After running only 5 minutes I came across a hill, I’ll keep going I thought and head back here if need be!! Luck being on my side after 15 minutes I cam across another hill, so the first rep started!!

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I ran up the hill for about 45 seconds turn round and headed back down and continued that for the entire 4 minutes. I wasn’t going flat out, but it was still hard work! On the way up, I was trying to lean forward slightly, I could feel my foot placement was slightly different to normal, and I had to repeatedly tell myself that this is what was going to make me stronger!!

After 3 sets, my Garmin told me it was time to head home (they are very clever!!) I’m really enjoying mixing the training up, they are hard work, but I think I can probably push a little harder next time!! I’m also enjoying getting up and running in the morning – it gives me a slightly smug feeling for the rest of the day!!

What time of the day do you normally run?

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  1. I wish I could early morning run but I have to leave the house at 7am, and getting up any time before 6 sounds horrible. I tend to get home from work and go straight out – literally coat off, running gear on, or I won’t ever go! My times are always better on a Saturday morning though, so id probably benefit from morning runs! X

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