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RulaRuns – also known as Ruth.

  • I am a 5 times marathon runner, with the ultimate dream of one day becoming a six star finisher.
  • I started this blog back in 2013, to document my training for my first marathon.
  • My blogging can sometimes be sporadic as I have major self doubts as to why I write sometimes. I’m not a run coach, Personal Trainer, professional athlete etc, but I just enjoy sharing my experiences with running.
  • I am a member of RunMND and often raise money and awareness for Motor Neurone Disease Association  after my dad died from the disease back in 2010.
  •  I can be found on InstagramFacebookYouTube and email where you’ll find me over sharing my running journey.
  • Please feel free to leave me comments and/or get in touch. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. If you read something you like, remember sharing is caring, so please pass it on.

You are probably wondering why ‘Rularuns’. Well, when I played basketball I was the captain of my team. One day, when I was at training my coach said, “Ruth, lead the warm-up”. Just as I was about to set off, my friend Sarah, shouted to the team, follow Rula, she is our ruler! For some reason, it stuck and my nickname was Rula from then on! In the basketball world, most people still call me Rula, so when I started this blog Rularuns just felt right.

My marathons  so far have been London 2014, 2015, 2016, New York Marathon 2017 & Chicago Marathon 2019.

Next up should have been  Manchester Marathon 2020, but who knows if that will go ahead? So make sure you add your email address to the subscribe box, so you get all the information about my plans and training straight to your inbox.

Ruth Webb Acers Basketball

This blog is a mixture of my training and all things running. I have always been involved in sports. I played international basketball as a junior and then continued playing national league basketball into my early 30’s. So i have always ran to keep fit for basketball, but now I love running, for running sake.

I will continue to use this blog to document my training; I love being able to look back over it and compare where I am in each training cycle. But I also want to use it to encourage other people to try running, as well as spread the awareness for MND. One day, there MUST be a cure for it!

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