Competition time…. Nuun hydration tablets

COMPETITION ALERT!! Wahooooo – who doesn’t love the chance of winning a prize!

I always feel a little guilty when trying to raise sponsorship money for events, as it always seems to be the same people who I ask – Friends and family. To try to combat this problem, I have been busy contacting lots of companies asking them to donate prizes. The lovely people at Nuun have donated a variety of flavoured hydration electrolyte tablets, a water bottle and a sample of body glide.


Win all of this – worth around £50

I have been using the tablets since reading about them on Leah’s blog. I like the fact that they are sugar-free, carb-free and each tablet is under 6 calories. They are light, refreshing tablets that you add to water. Click here to read more about Nuun

I am not great at drinking enough water! I never really feel thirsty and can sometimes go hours without drinking. I have been making a conscious effort to drink more during the day, and  I find that when I have added Nuun to my drink bottle, I do drink more! My personal favourite is the tri berry flavour, but there are lots of different flavours to try!

So, how do you win the prize, I hear you asking!? Frequent readers of my blog (hello Mum, Sarah and Becky!) will know that my amazing father died in 2010 from Motor Neurone Disease. It devastated our family, not only losing him, but seeing him suffer too. The disease is awful, and once diagnosed is a death sentence, as there is no cure! It attacks a person’s body, leaving them helpless and weak. Even after all these years, I still find it hard to write about, so if you would like to know more about it, please click here, and read Mark’s blog. He is living with the disease.

So, back to the competition! I would like to raise more awareness and funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, so if you follow my blog, I will enter your name into the competition. If you donate money to my fundraising page (click here to go through to the page) for every £1 you donate, I will enter your name twice. It’s a bit little like buying a raffle ticket for 50p! I’m hoping everyone is following this, but just incase, an example. If person A, follows my blog, that’s one entry, they then go and donate £2, that’s another 4 entries! Person A’s name will then appear in the random name generator 5 times, giving them more chance of winning. Hope that makes sense! (If not, drop me a comment below and I’ll answer any questions)

The competition will run until Sunday 21st February and I will notify the winner on Sunday 22nd. As I have to post the prize to the winner, the competition is only open to people in the UK. Good Luck, and please share, as the money could go towards helping find a cure for people suffering with MND.

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