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Colworth 5 Miles – Race Recap

Race Information:

  • Date: FRIDAY 21st June 2019
  • Start Time: 7 pm
  • Entry: Via website, and usually has places right up to the day before. It is part of the Colworth Marathon Challenge
  • Cost: £12 for the Friday night, £45 if you want to take part in all three races over the weekend.
  • Race Website:
  • Race Mementos: Medal, but no goody bag. I am sure there are other mementos if you take part in the full challenge.
  • Course: A 5 mile, multiterrain, undualting course.
  • Elevation: It is an undulating course.
Elevation graph of Colworth 5 mile race.
Elevation Colworth 5 mile race
  • Other information: There is camping available for those that do the whole weekend marathon challenge. They also have junior races on Friday night or varying distances. The junior races are only £1 to enter on the night, and they all get a medal at the end.

My Race:

I have never run this race before, even though I have been to support club mates. I’ve avoided it as I am not a fan of trail running (says the girl that is writing the second race recap in a week, both trail events! Read my last race recap here)

I signed up this year as they announced that this race was to be our 5-mile club championship race. I thought I’d just go along and take a leisurely run around. Well, that was until I got a message from my coach telling me that I needed to give it everything so that we could use the result to set the training paces for my Chicago Marathon training that I am about to embark on!

The pressure was on! Not from anyone but me, but I then started to dread the run. My mind started to play tricks telling me that I couldn’t do it, I would be slow, that I would embarrass myself, so on and so on. Does anyone else do this to themselves?

So, after beating myself up all day, I was pretty nervous by the start of the race. Luckily, Victoria from my club said that she would help pace me, which helped lots. The race starts by running on grass, then it heads up a gentle incline, but on really uneven ground. I started fast and kept working hard. It didn’t feel too bad, but had I known the course I would have eased back. As I started to tire, I seemed to find ALL the hills. I think I was ready to give up around 3.5 miles and I just had to grit my teeth and hang on. There was a bend which incorporated another hill which I really thought I was going to walk. I didn’t, but I really wanted too.

When I entered the field for the final stretch, I knew that my club mates were going to be there supporting, as well as my family and would have loved to have attempted a sprint finish, but I had nothing! My sister videoed my finish and the only thing that came to mind when I watched it was ‘every day I’m shufflin‘ hehe

Girl running
Smile or a grimace in the finishing stretch. Photo credit T. Gibson.

I finished in 45:33. I can’t say I enjoyed it but it’s job done. Now onwards and upwards to cycle 5 of marathon training


  • Local race, with lots of great support.
  • Cheap entry fee
  • BBQ and a bar available at the end of the race.

Less Positive:

  • Trails
  • Hills
  • Uneven surfaces

Do you enjoy trail races? What’s your next race? Let me know in the comments.

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