Chicago Marathon Training 2019 / Marathon Training Week 10

Chicago Marathon Training – Week 10

Well this week didn’t go to plan AT ALL. But I am not going to get too hung up on it, it happened and now it’s time to move on. Chicago Marathon is approaching quickly and I have a lot of miles still to run. I think I have gone from my highest mileage week, to one of my lowest!

If you haven’t caught up with all the other weeks training, have a look here.

Monday – Rest

I needed today to walk around, find my bearings and try to locate some running routes.

Tuesday – 2.12 miles – av pace 10:02

I didn’t manage to locate any routes near where we were staying, so I headed out early to explore. We were staying in a campsite which was located on a single track. If you went out of the gate and turn left there was a very steep hill and single track, if you turned right there was still a hill, but not as steep. Obviously I turned right.

Early morning run views

The single lane was 0.7 mile until I met a busy road, that still had no path. I ran a little way on it, but the whole time listening for cars and looking for where I could jump into the hedge if needed.

Wednesday – 2.73 miles – av. pace 10:19

I should have been doing a tempo run today, so everywhere we went I looked out for paths and possible routes. When we got back to the campsite, I could feel myself getting in a right tizz wazz. I was stressing about not being able to fit my runs in and feeling trapped. I thought about driving to a possible place to run, but then didn’t really want to go on my own. I thought about doing a workout video from YouTube, but the internet was pretty poor.

In the end, I repeated yesterday’s run, as I just needed to run. I felt like I wanted to run and run and run, but the roads were just too dangerous. I wanted to run longer than the day before, so added some hills reps to the end of my run. It was perfect, but it lifted my mood and made me feel so much better.

Late evening run views

Thursday – Rest

I wasn’t feeling my best today (time of the month) so I spent the day on the beach instead!

Friday – Rest

Beach again, but this time I walked lots and even had a little go at surfing! (Ok bodyboarding). I must have been holding on for dear life as my triceps and back were aching for days after. Haha

Praa Sands Beach, Cornwall
Praa Sands Beach

Saturday – Rest

We travelled today, which took FOREVER. By the time we got home it was too late to run, considering I had to get up early for the half marathon race in the morning.

Sunday – Bedford Half Marathon – 2:00:01

Read my race report here.

So this week didn’t quite go to plan, but there is no use worrying about it. It’s gone now, I had a lovely time on holiday with family and i’ll just have to work harder from now on!

Cornwall sea
I LOVE Cornwall!

Has anyone else ever missed a week of training in a plan? Let me know your experiences below.

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5th September 2019 at 3:32 PM

I love reading your blogs Ruth .. you are so honest about every run and how you feel. I look at your training runs on a Strava and can clearly see you getting stronger and stronger. You’ve got this Missus 💪🏃‍♀️😘

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