Sunrise when running

Happenings 01.11.2020

I know that usually, a Sunday post would be a Getting to know… post, but the truth is I have been really slack at sorting the next batch of people. I have been busy trying to get mumNdad@70 off the ground and just seemed not to line up the next person. Sorry! I will get on to it straight away!

So instead, I thought I’d do another life update, as I realised the last one was back at the start of September. How is it possible that parts of this year have seemed to drag, yet I can’t believe that we are nearing the end already! 2020 has been the weirdest year ever!

Doing: I seem to be spending a lot of time thinking about where I am heading. I harp on all the time about getting out of teaching, yet have no idea what to do! Really not helpful. How do you work out what you are supposed to do? I even tried using the Ikigai Venn Diagram, but gave up as couldn’t work out what I was good at!!

Hearing: As usual, I am listening to The Mindset Mentor podcast. It seems to motivate me and open my eyes up to new things every episode.

Drinking: As always too much tea and not enough water.

Eating & Cooking: Satusumas!! Obviously not cooking them, but I absolutely LOVE satsumas. I am not sure if that’s because they are always avaible around my birthday and Christmas. Hehe

Taking a photo

Wanting: For everything to go back to normal. I know this is a big ask, but COVID-19 seems to be dominating everything. Like everyone, I miss so many things.

Looking: I seem to be spending a fair bit of time looking for photography tricks. I have really got into photography. I am tempted to do a photography course. There are SO many available, so if anyone has any recommendations please comment below.

Deciding: Whether I need a new treadmill or not. I am not convinced that my treadmill speed is correct. Also, it only goes up to 12kph. I know this is still fast for me, but as I mainly use it for intervals I could do with it going faster.

Enjoying: My Saturday morning long runs with Sarah and Christine. I am gutted that these are not possible anymore. We will have to have a rota to see who is running with who from now on! Luckily, after our last run, we sat and had a good natter and coffee. It was like we knew that would be the last for a while!

Watching: The Great House Giveaway seems to be on far too much in our house at the moment.

Reading: Untamed. Yep still! I am a very slow reader. Well, not actually slow at reading, just poor at prioritising time to read. I am nearly finished and it is a good one. I really must read more!

Wearing: Lots of layers! I hate being cold, so I seem to be in lots of layers all the time. Many times unnecessary when running and I end up having to strip off after mile 1!

Buying: My Proviz Reflective Hat. If anyone is thinking about buying anything from Proviz please get in contact as I have a code which will allow you a 20% discount (Affiliated Link)

Craving: For normality.

Playing: I am not sure what I am playing?? Playing at being an adult and not really too sure that I like it too much. Was it easier being a kid?

Planning: To get faster. I decided that it was about time that I stopped just plodding along. So, I’m starting with 5K. I have completed 2 speed sessions this week.

Savouring: Too much chocolate!

Loving: Sunsets and the Autumn landscape. I ran last week and we started early. By the time we got to the lake, the sky was amazing. The sun was rising and I couldn’t help but to stop and take photos. It was just amazing.


Feeling: Angry. For some reason, the announcement of a second lockdown has made me feel angry. I personally don’t feel the government is handling this pandemic too well and their lack of clarity and half-hearted attempts to implement things just annoy me. Really, the second lockdown doesn’t affect my family too much, but I really feel for those people that it does.


Happenings 03.09.2020

I feel like I am publishing blogs more frequently of late (Check InstaSays and Getting to Know) But I haven’t actually written a blog post for a while. I have pinched this idea from Emma (NannyontheRun) as I thought it was a good way of giving you an update.

Ruth W

Doing: Like everyone in the world right now I think, I am trying to figure out what the new normal is.

Hearing: At this moment, I am sat in my kitchen listening to Radio 2.

Drinking: Tea. Although I really should be drinking water. I really need to up my water intake! I say this SO often, it’s even annoying me! Sorry.

Eating & Cooking: Well, this is not a good topic for me as I don’t really cook at all. That is left entirely to my husband. I often think that I need to get more involved and help out with the cooking, but it doesn’t really interest me. I suggest that we meal plan all the time, but then we sit down I get totally overwhelmed. Before anyone suggests that we should get some cookbooks, we do. I just don’t make it a priority and I know I should!

books in black wooden book shelf
Photo by Pixabay on

Wanting: The list is endless! I hate to admit it but I am someone that always wants something. I wish I could be the person that is content with what they have. After this pandemic I hoped this want for things may have subsided, but… I blame that I have been out of full-time employment for a while now, so have not bought anything for a while. My current want/need is for a new pair of runners. I have completed over 400 miles in my current trainers. Before I even got my email from Garmin connect to tell me I needed new ones I could feel it.

Looking: I have been looking at marketing courses. Since deciding I wanted out of teaching I’ve looked at all the marketing and social media jobs. They appeal to me, but then I feel I couldn’t apply as I have no experience. I am thinking that maybe completing some course/qualifications could help.

Deciding: How many days a week I am going to have to supply teach for. Last year, I started 3 days a week, then went to 4. Ideally, I would like it to be 0, but I have bills to pay.

Enjoying: The last few days of freedom. That may sound drastic, but I feel that next week could potentially kick off with being back in school (which I shouldn’t complain as the income is much needed)

Watching: The Good Doctor. I can’t remember who recommended this show, but we are loving watching it.

Reading: Untamed.

Wearing: Casuals all the time. I have loved living in shorts all summer, but with the recent turn of the weather, I am back in jeans!

Buying: Hopefully some new trainers soon. I am a vitality member so luckily get 50% off a pair of trainers per year. It is an absolute godsend as new Asics GT2000 are Β£120! I’m not sure I could bring myself to spend that amount on a pair of trainers.

Craving: My mum back. I know that’s a silly thing to write, but I found yesterday really tough. My daughter going back to school and taking the back to school photo. All I wanted to do was send the photo to my mum. FaceTime her so that she could see how smart Lexie looked. How grown up she is getting. I know that all the firsts are hard, but yesterday hit me hard. It was as though I relived the 13th/14th/15th of February 2020 all over again, in one day. I saw a great tweet describing grief. The ball hit hard yesterday.

Playing: I have been playing a lot of podcasts recently. I particularly like The Mindset Mentor and Feel Better Live More as well as the usual running ones.

Planning: My future. By the age of 42, you feel like you should have your life sorted. A career change is scary. It is also scary staying in a job that was making me SO unwell. The end of August always brings up my memories on Facebook and it always shocks me how negative I was about returning to school. But at the same time, it is very hard to adjust to me not being a teacher. If I don’t teach, who am I? What can I do? Do I know how to NOT be a teacher? Teaching nearly broke me completely, but it was a huge part of my life too. I am STILL trying to process this!

Savouring: Doing the school run again. I know this is wear off, but I love taking Lexie to school. I missed out on this for many years and when I am back doing supply I will not be able to do it again. Also, it is not going to be long before she wants to walk on her own. Why do they have to grow up so quickly!

Loving: That I am enjoying blogging again. I remember when I first started this blog, there used to be a group that met, networked, learnt more about blogging. I was always too nervous to go, serious imposter syndrome. But I would jump at the chance now. I want to learn all I can about it. Keywords, SEO, where to share, how to make sure WordPress is working correctly. The list is endless.

Feeling: Anxious, sad, excited, scared, awakened, apprehensive. My emotions are all over the place at the moment. But I don’t think is very much different from lots of people at the moment.

Treadmill Running

Overthinking and Rambling.

Having all this free time gives us lots of thinking time. I am prone to overthinking and it is not always positive. Keeping myself occupied helps, so I have been spending a fair bit of time on this blog. This then got me thinking about why I keep this blog? Why not just keep a diary for me?



One of my positives from spending a ridiculous amount of time on Instagram was finding an offer on Hannah’s story. It talked about learning a new skill. I got hooked on the idea of learning to take better photographs and gaining better blogging ideas.

So I gave it a go. The offer allowed me to get access to website for two months free of charge. You put in all your payment details, but it says that you can cancel your membership at any time. I’m not totally sure I will be able to keep it going for long, but as with everything at the moment, I’m not thinking too far ahead! I immediately joined two classes; iPhone Photography and 5 Secrets to Developing the Blogging (and Writing) Habit: How to Beat Writers Block Forever.

I’ll write a bit more about them below, but if you fancy learning something new, why not try Skillshare for yourself? If you use this link you will get 2 months free and if you sign up to a paid month I will get a free month for referring you. Let me know if you do sign up and which classes you try.


The writing course encouraged me to do a Free Write for 15 minutes daily. I have loved doing it. I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be helping me with ideas for this blog, but it has ended up being a bit of a journal. And NO one wants to read about all of my insecurities!

I have managed to complete the free write 5 times so far and I think that it is something that I will keep up. Getting out of bed early is proving to be a challenge at the moment, is this the same for anyone else? The idea of getting up before the rest of the house and doing 15 minutes of writing each morning really appeals.


Running on the treadmill is still happening. The weather has been glorious and seeing everyone running outside has had me tempted. I just feel safe staying indoors and using the treadmill. It is better to be safe than sorry.

My frequent use of the treadmill has made me realise that not only is the distance and speed out, but the timing is too! When I start my watch at the exact same time as the treadmill, after 60 minutes they are 30 seconds adrift. Not totally convinced the timing could be out too, I used my phone to time too. Yep, the treadmill was 30 seconds slower than both my phone and watch. Lucky that running is about distance/pace/time at the moment.


Like every other person at the moment, video calling is keeping me connected to family and friends. I’ve used WhatsApp, Messenger, HouseParty App and Zoom.

We seem to have stuck on Zoom and last week I took part in a family quiz and hosted two. They are really good fun and I am looking forward to completing some more. Google came to the rescue when setting my questions, so if anyone has any good websites suggestions for quiz questions, please let me know.

iPhone Photography

I’m still trying to practise some of the things that I learnt on the iPhone class, but here are some of my shots so far!


If you are still trying to keep children entertained, here are some websites that I have used in school which can be good fun. (They are not just for children!)

So going back to my opening paragraph, what’s the point of this blog? This is an extract from my free write on day 1.

I’m not a coach, so I can not offer coaching tips. If I was to take the course to become a coach, I would just be another coach in an already saturated field. The same as a personal trainer, dieticians, life coaches etc. I have tried the idea of doing race recaps, but I’m not sure that I race enough for this for it to be my only offering.

There is no need for me to share it all, but this is how I have been thinking. Then I realised that I am probably thinking too much and not just enjoying the process. Does it really matter if I don’t post all the time? Does it matter if what I write veers off running? It’s just my ramblings and people can read if they want or skip if they don’t.

I would like this blog to be useful, so I did come up with one idea. Why not use this to promote people that do great things but don’t always have a blog to share it on? Like a runners interview. It can be a variety of people, sharing their experiences, their fundraising link, blogs, social media account etc. Sharing is caring, right? What do you think?

What kind of questions would you like to be included in the runner’s interview?

So, that’s my ramblings for another week. I hope everyone is safe and well. Sending lots of love to everyone finding his time a challenge. Well, actually just sending lots of love to all really.

Purple Flower

How was your week?

If any of you are feeling like me, then this week feels like a month. To be honest, this weekend feels like it has taken a fair few days to past. Isn’t it weird?

So, technically I am a key worker as I teach in a school and when I left work a week ago Friday they had asked me to go in on Monday. No one had any idea how many children were going to be attending school so I think they just wanted as many staff in as possible.

My daughter had been feeling under the weather on that Friday but played it down as she was desperate to see her friends knowing that she wasn’t going to be seeing them for the foreseeable future. By the Saturday, feeling under the weather had escalated to a full-on cold. Sneezing, coughing, temperature, so that was that. 14 days isolation for us all. So I haven’t been off my home plot since. We are so lucky to have a garden, so I have been outside, well the beautiful weather has been too good to miss.

Cup of Tea

I have been using the treadmill to get my runs completed. It was so hard to miss running in the sun, but still being able to run was good enough. I have noticed that when my brain is working overtime and anxiety is kicking in big time, running has helped so much.

Every morning this week, we have started our day with Joe Wicks PE lesson. 30-minute HITT sessions and I had some serious DOMS midweek. I’ve really enjoyed doing these with my daughter, giggling and just having fun. It’s a great start to the day.

Post HITT Workout

On Monday, I got tagged in the Instagram #see10do10tag10 so had to do my 10 press-ups. My upper body strength is usually and annoyingly my camera didn’t record the first set, so I ended up doing another set of 10.

To finish off my active Monday I completed my run clubs virtual session which was a killer. 10 minutes warm-up, then 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, minutes pyramid. Followed by 5 x 1 minute and a 5 minute cool down.

Let’s just say that I was ready for bed on Monday evening! As you can imagine there was a little bit of aching on Tuesday, so after Joe’s PE lesson I did a little yoga with Adriene on YouTube. A stretch was very much needed.

Having hardly completed any steps on Tuesday, I just walked on the treadmill. I am keen to stay active, as it is so easy to just sit on the sofa all day.

Even though I am starting every day with Joe Wicks, I also ran on Monday, Wednesday, Friday Sunday. Friday was another club session and was tough. I had planned to do my own Parkrun on Saturday but woke up feeling really sick. I ended up staying in bed until about 1 pm. It was really weird as by about 3 pm the sickness cleared and I felt much better. I decided to not run at all and just rest.

10K on the treadmill on Sunday completed my running for the week. I had planned for a longer run, inspired by Mrs Brems, who completed a half marathon on the treadmill. But as I hit the hour mark, messages started pinging on my phone and my daughter needed me to help her, so I called it quits. I am happy enough with my activities this week and hope that I keep this all up as the weeks continue.

One of the successes of this week has been our daily Video Call with my nieces and nephews. We play maths games and catch up and it is lovely for all the kids. If you have ever played 21 dares, we play something similar to that, although whoever lands on 21 is out. To make it more difficult, we replace certain timetables with words. For example, any multiple of 3 has to be replaced with the word buzz. We have also played bingo, helping them practices their times tables too.

I am going to lookup more games that they can play over Video Call as it is really nice for them to learn together, whilst they are still catching up with each other.

Please message me if you would like me to explain 21 in full. If you have any other suggestions for games let me know in the comments. Are you staying active? How are you keeping occupied?

#VMLM2016 training – Week 11

Monday – I went to club and my group were doing mile reps! My legs told me, I was NOT doing mile reps, so I joined the group below and chatted my way around a recovery run. My legs were tired and at times this run felt hard, and I was averaging 11:45 pace! I completed 3.5 miles and it was just what I needed.

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 10 miles. I met 2 of the ladies from club to complete our usually 5 mile loop. My legs still felt quite heavy, and about 2 miles in I thought I was going to be lucky to make it to 10! For my second 5 miles, I was running with one of the men from club, and during mile 3 I was really worried that I was going to slow him down too much and struggle. Then, just after 5 mile mark, my legs seemed to switch on. It was as though they had warmed up and realised that they needed to run. The second 5 miles was really nice; we picked up the pace and I actually felt quite comfortable. The route finished almost right outside my house, yet I felt I could have kept going easily!



Thursday – 400 reps. Everyone at club was pushing the pace, but our coach suggested myself and a few others that were racing this weekend, should just jog the reps. We ended up running for around 2/3 minutes and resting for the same amount of time. Even though I was running very easy, my shoulders were very tight. I was told to run, imaging that I was holding a crisp between my thumb and finger, that I was not to break. As soon as I adopted this position, my shoulders did relax, so I need to remember this.

Friday – Sports massage – I was lucky to get an extra appointment in this morning, to work on my shoulders, ready for tomorrow!

Saturday – 20 MILES! My amazing team mates at club helped me organise a route, and then come out to run with me. It was a bit of a tag team. I ran 5.5 miles with Rachel and Tracie, then 0.5 of a mile on my own, to meet Sam, Keith and Andy. They then took me on their normal 10 mile route, which was a little undulating, but I felt pretty strong throughout, and the hills that had previously annoyed me on this route, didn’t feel too bad. Finally, Tina met me to run my last 4 miles. It was amazing, they were all so supportive, all could have run much quicker than I was running, but stuck with my pace to help me. I had planned to run around 10:30 pace, but I ended up averaging a 10:21 pace. The only negative was that when my watch flashed up 20 miles, I stopped and saved it straight away. I don’t usually do this, but for some reason, I was worried that I would delete it. Once it was saved, I noticed the watch said 19.9 miles!! WHAT….. As I had saved it, I couldn’t just add it on the last 0.1 of a mile!!

Sunday – Rest day – although I have to report that I am so surprised how good my legs feel today, I think the football my daughter made me play yesterday afternoon, and the game of tag this morning, really helped my legs recover! Let’s see how they are tomorrow!

This time in FIVE weeks it will all be over!!!! I can’t believe how close it is!

#VMLM2016 training – Week 10

Monday – 1200’s – these were hard tonight. The 18 miles were still in my legs, and I could feel it towards the end of this session.

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – A ridiculous long day at work, meant that I had to have another rest day today! I was grumpy, as I would have rather been running!

Thursday – Hills, hills and more hills. That is all!

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Silverstone Half Marathon – Not my finest performance, but I will write a race report and give you the full story in the week.

Overall not the best week of training, but I’m now putting that behind me and next week will be better!

Anyone else race this weekend? How did you get on?