Weekly Round Up – 25th July 2016

So I am finally on SUMMER HOLIDAYS and I’m hoping this means some rest, lots of running and a few more blog posts!! So what have I been up to this week?


Monday – 400’s with my club. It was super hot and my legs were still a little heavy from the Parkrun PB on the Saturday! According to Strava, I clocked my faster 400 in this session! YAY I’m finally getting faster!

Tuesday – Rest day

Wednesday – Body Combat. My second body combat session, and to be honest, last week when I attempted it, I was so hungover I can’t say I really enjoyed it! This week definitely felt better, as I had some idea of what I was doing, and I wasn’t hungover. The intensity is tough, and I really feel like it is going to complement my running, as it works my back which I think is neglected when just running. Also, the high kicks work my glutes and hip flexors – both are definitely weak areas for me.

Thursday – Continuous hills with Club – It was another hot evening and this session was tough. 10 minutes continuous hills, then 10 minutes hill sprints and then some work on downhill!

Friday – Half a mile with my little lady. She is really keen to run at the moment, so we just do a loop around where I live. She choses the pace and when we walk, and generally we have a fun! After the run, she decided to copy me doing some squats and sit ups !:-)

Saturday – 11.1 miles! After London, I was really keen to keep up my long runs, but this hasn’t really happened too well! Today, I decided to accompany my friend Christine on her run. She had completed 18 miles the previous night and had 10 miles to run on Saturday (she is crazy and in training for an Ultra!!) She had planned a route, I just had to turn up! I knew I was going to find it tough over 7ish miles, but hoped a slowish pace would allow me to keep going. Let’s just say it was tough from the offset. It was hot, and lots of the route was off-road and I am not good at off-road! We ran and walked, even stopped for an ice-cream and once it had finished I did really enjoy it! Off-road is tough, and as much as I dislike it, I know I should do more, as it is good for me.

Sunday – Rest day.

So a full week, and some tough sessions to work on from! I go on holiday this week, so be sure to follow my social media accounts, as if the internet limited I will mainly post updates on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

Also, my race report from the London 10K was published over on Miss Wheezy’s website if anyone fancies a read. Hope everyone has had a good week. Let m know what you have been up too.


Weekly Round up – What’s been going on this week?

So, after a decent week’s training last week, I had hoped to build on that this week. I bet you noticed that I had written hoped, so you are probably already thinking that it didn’t quite happen, and yes, you are correct! I have been feeling a little under the weather this week; sore throat, sneezing, tired; the usual end of half term feeling really.

So here is what I did do:

Monday – Club speed session. I’m not totally sure what you would technically call this type of training, but we had a 300/400m loop off-road that we ran alternate loops to our partners. The loop included some hills and tight turns; and I’m just putting it out there, I am not good at downhill without screaming!

Tuesday – I was planning to do an upper body strength session, but this is when I started to feel unwell, so decided to listen to my body and take a rest day!

Wednesday – 6.6 miles – This was supposed to be an easy run, but my friend Tracie is ‘on one‘ at the moment, so it wasn’t slow and was a little longer than I thought we were going, but I did really enjoy it. Before we started, I thought that this race was going to be ‘kill or cure’, and luckily while we were running I felt ok, but 30 minutes after finishing, I was not feeling great and headed straight to bed.


Thursday – Today was a big day and there was NO way that I could be ill! It was the GCSE maths exams, so I was putting on breakfast for my Year 11’s, I had club training and after the session I had organised our first Pilates session! I can’t say I felt great, but I managed it all, and actually really enjoyed the Pilates.

We had completed a hills session at club, short hills ( I kind of like), medium hills (I’m not liking so much) long hills (yep, you guessed it, I am not a fan of them!) Can you believe I forgot my Garmin, so I have no idea what speeds and distance we did, but more annoyingly, I have now got Vitality Life Insurance, so I didn’t get to gain my 10 points! Grrr

After Pilates, my body really did feel better. I can’t quite put my finger on why or how, but I am really looking forward to next Thursdays session!

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Rest from running, although I walked a lot around London. It was quite exciting to see the set up for this weekends races.


Sunday – Rest

Not my greatest week, but not my worst either! Tomorrow is the Vitality London 10k, so let’s see what happens there!

I hope training is going well for you all. Do you do Pilates? Does it help with your running?

Grafman Triathlon

Weekly round up – What have I been up to this week?

After a few weeks with mixed training since London, this week I felt like I was getting back to training properly. I actually managed to complete both club sessions, plus yoga and a longish run! Go me! Let’s hope this can continue.

Monday – Club session. 300m hard, with 100 recovery x 8, 5 minutes rests, and then repeat. The 300’s were supposed to be hard running, but to be honest my legs were still in a world of pain, from the strength session that I had completed on Sunday. I knew I wasn’t working as hard as I was supposed too, but I just felt that if I did, I was likely to get injured. I think my 300’s were around 8:30 pace, but I’m just STILL blaming the marathon in my legs!!

Tuesday – My legs were still very sore today, so I concentrated on some upper body work and some yoga!

Wednesday – A nice 4 mile run, chatting with club mates

Thursday – Club session – 400’s but with the added bonus of every alternate 400 being up hill! Yuck. I feel like it now takes me about 4 miles to warm up, so this session was hard, and just as we were finishing I felt my legs were ready to run!

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Longish run. I am wanting to get my long runs back up to 10 miles, so that even when I am not training for an event, I can complete 10 miles at the weekend. I completed around 8 miles, and I can honestly say my legs were feeling it towards to end. I just need to build up slowly again!

Sunday – Supporting at Grafman Middle Distance Triathlon. Let’s just say I was very glad that I was just spectating. It looked tough, and much respect to those that started it, let alone finished it! Many of my team mates competed and they were awesome. I have never been tempted by a triathlon, and you guessed it….. this didn’t tempt me either!

Grafman Triathlon

So that was my week. I am hoping that I will be adding a Pilates class to next week! How is everyone’s training going?

#TeamMND - London Marathon 2014

#VMLM2016 training – week 15

So taper began with a bang! Well not so much a bang, but an ouch. I left the house as normal on Monday to head to work, and my knee gave way. I then experienced some pain, when walking! ARRGHHHHH I have had a similar pain before, but I don’t really remember how long it took to recover and/or what caused it!

So like any sane person, I put it down to ‘Maranoia’ and went training!

Monday – I attempted training, but to be honest I did more walking than running, and when I was running, I could feel a little discomfort in my knee. It just felt weak and I wasn’t running normally. I also felt shattered and had NO energy at all!

Tuesday – Rest. Some foam rolling and stretching.

Wednesday – My knee felt better walking, but I really didn’t want to chance it, so I skipped my run tonight. It was exactly 2 years ago today that I ran my first marathon, so I did enjoy reliving some of the photo’s from London 2014!

#TeamMND - London Marathon 2014 10011305_10202521274566506_5013417896746103200_n IMG_3814 IMG_3816

Thursday – Club were doing hills today, so I thought maybe I would go out alone and try a little run. Just after this thought I stepped up the step and my knee twinged, so I took another rest day! 🙁

Friday – Another Rest Day – I am going crazy! I really want to run. I am not good at resting!

Saturday – I decided to go out and test the knee today. I hadn’t felt it twinge for a while, and I SO needed to run. Well let me clarify, I hadn’t felt it twinge, until I realised how cold it was outside, so went back inside to get my jacket prior to my run. Yep, you guessed it, every step I took I could feel my knee! This is really bad timing! As any sane person would – well runner would, I still went on my run.

Original I had planned to do 5 miles, but with the twinges I changed this to a 5k. I wore my watch, but didn’t look at it once. After a mile, I stopped and stretched, just to on the safe side. Whilst I was running, my knee felt fine. I couldn’t feel any twinges, but I did find the run hard work. It’s ridiculous how taper makes you feel like you haven’t completed any training! I could have completed a longer run, but the weather was awful and I thought it was better to see how the knee reacted to the run. I came home and stretched/foam rolled lots. I felt so many aches and pains in my legs. I just don’t understand it. Have a got serious ‘Maranoia”?

Knee testing run

I had to reward myself with chocolate milkshake!!

If you have you want to catch up on how my training has been, up until this point. Have a look here; Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8, Week 9, Week 10, Week 11, Week 12, Week 13, Week 14


#VMLM2016 training – week 14

So taper time is finally here, and I am SO ready for it! Well that was until I looked at my plan and it still said 15 miles for this weekend! That’s not much of a rest!

Monday – 3 mile recovery run. I was away, so I was lucky enough to complete this by the sea. I was surprised how good my legs felt. They got a little heavy towards the end, but I was still able to stick to a 10:20 pace!


Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – 8 mile run. I love being on school holidays as running during the day is lovely. I had arranged to meet a friend at 1:30pm after looking at the weather, so you can imagine my dread when an absolutely down pour occurred at 1:00pm! I pulled out my long sleeve running top, my gloves and my rain jacket and took my grumpy face outside to meet my friend! It was cold, and I couldn’t believe the difference from the weather at the weekend. We both felt quite tired, so decided to take it as a slow jog. Yep, that was our plan, but in reality we worked quite hard, and actually I was really pleased with the pace.

Thursday – 500’s at club. My legs were SO heavy. I could really feel all the miles in my legs! It was supposed to be run at 5k pace, but I really didn’t have that in me. I think my 500’s were run at around 8:50 pace and that was a hard enough.

Friday – Sports massage – I was so looking forward to this. Surprisingly, my sports masseur said how good my legs felt. They were tight from all the miles, but there wasn’t any real niggles, so that was good news.

Saturday – My plan said 15 miles for today – so much for TAPER!! I really wasn’t feeling this, I tried to think of every excuse to cut it short or not to go, but luckily I had arranged to meet some of my RunMND friends, so there was no way out. The first 3 miles were hard as always, trying to find a rhythm, but the route we took was lovely so it helped take me mind off the running.

Gorgeous running route


After about mile 6, I started to feel comfortable – it takes me so long to warm up now! We ran at quite a pace, so I must say I was ready for it to be over around mile 13. It didn’t feel quite like the taper I have experienced in the past, but I’m glad I got it done. Surely, taper can start for real now!


Sunday – Rest day

I love this time of year, as marathon season is in full flow now. Manchester today, Brighton next week and then London the following week 😀 Good luck to everyone running.

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Are you running a marathon this year? If you have run marathons, which one is your favourite? Or which one is on your bucket list? 


#VMLM2016 training – Week 13

No club sessions at all this week, which I didn’t like 🙁 School holidays are amazing, obviously, I would say that being a teacher, but being out of routine is not so nice.

Monday – Most of my team mates ran the local 10K today, but after my weekends half marathon  I decided to opt for a nice easy 5 miles. I also looked at the weather forecast, and made my run later on in the day, when the sun was out. After Cardiff Half, I couldn’t face another wet and windy run!

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 6 miles easy. The weather was gorgeous today, and I really enjoyed my run. As it is school holidays, I could run in the morning, which I really like.

Thursday – Rest – although I did walk around London, so my legs did feel like they had a workout!

Friday – I felt really guilty for not running yesterday (a family day out was just more important) so I went out for a little 2 mile run. We are staying away from home, so I got to explore a little section of South Croydon!

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Kingston Breakfast Run 20 miles. My last long run, before the big one 🙂 It was a gorgeous day, I paced it well and I’m really glad it’s over!! I will put together a write-up very soon.

AT LAST it’s taper time, and I am so ready for it! There were so many races this weekend, I love this time of year! So well done if you ran. Let me know which races you did, just comment below!