Run, running and more running.

So I’m glad to report that my lack of posts has not been caused due to a lack of running, quite the contrary! I reported in my last post that I thought I had my mojo back, and that was 100% correct. That, along with joining a running club, and supporting my sister in her quest to run 5k, I have run 5 times this week! 

I contacted a club a few weeks back, but Monday was the first time I was able to make the session. I felt like a new girl at school again, nervous as I didn’t know anyone. I had all the first time negative thoughts, what if I’m too slow? What I can’t complete the session? What if no one talk to me? All total rubbish and unnecessary! The other members were very welcoming and put me at ease straight away. 

We completed a timed 5K, which was interesting for me, as I had no idea how much to push. I haven’t run a 5K for such a long time. I ended up using another runner to pace me and although I felt I should have gone a little faster, I did struggle in the last 500 metres. So that pace was probably ideal for me.

Not a PB, but happy with that!

Overall, I was pleased with my time, but it did make me want to do ParkRuns on a more regular basis, as I wonder how fast I could push it!

Tuesday – rest day.

Wednesday – 5.10AM alarm for week 2 of C25K with my sister. Then a yoga video cool down from Youtube.

Thursday – a track session with my club. 10 x 400m, but with a circuit exercise in between! Things like burpees and press ups (ouch!)

Friday – 5.10Am alarm (this one was tough! I was tired!) to run with my sister.

Saturday – The 3rd run of C25K.
I am loving the running with my sister, and seeing her make so much progress in such a little amount of time. I am a dodgy coach though, as I have read the program wrong TWICE! Once making it easier for her, but the last time making her work much harder! Whoops

So that’s my week! Hope everyone else is having a great week. I have so much more to tell you, so hopefully this week I’ll try and get some more writing done. Happy Running!

A Best Type of Run

I really feel like I have my running mojo back. I can’t wait to run, I am reading about it constantly and love catching up on everyone’s achievements via Twitter/Facebook.

Yesterday I had the best run. It wasn’t  far or fast, but it was with both of my sisters. Running with people is great, and both of my sisters have taken up running again, so we all headed out together.

We all have children now, so time to exercise and natter all the way round is precious. Sharing your passion with family is so exciting too.

Do you prefer running with someone or alone?

My Top 5 Running Moments

I have totally stolen this idea from The Runner Beans, but  love it. I have so many favourite moments linked to running, but here are my top 5.


1. Completing the London Marathon in 2014. It was my first ever marathon, so I wasn’t sure I was even going to be able to complete it. I really wanted to go sub 5 hours, but was also well aware that I had never completed anything over 18 miles, so my ‘silver target’ was to just finish it, and ‘gold’ to get a sub 5. It was a good 20 minutes after I finished when my sister told me I had finished in 4:57:06. You can read more about it here.

2. Running my first event with my daughter. She has been one of my biggest supporters, seeing her a mile 17 of the 2014 London Marathon gave me the biggest boost possible.


Mile 17 at London Marathon 2014


When I have come home from runs, she has been waiting, ready to join me around the block. As soon as she turned 4, I had planned to take her to Junior Parkrun, but the weather looked awful on the day, and I didn’t want to put her off. So, a day later than planned, we entered the MK super hero run. She had received an Elsa dress for her birthday, and there was no way I was getting that off her, so Elsa was her super hero!
3. My first 5K with my sister. I was not living close to my sister at the time, but I  persuaded her to start training for a Race for Life in London. She was up for it and trained really hard on her own. Getting the train up to London, knowing that I was going to meet my sister and run an event together made it all the more exciting.

4. Running Brighton half marathon with my cousin Katie and friend Kate. It was the second year that I had run this race. Last year I had got so carried away, I went through the first mile in 8:xx , and then wanted to give up at mile 3!! This year, we all paced it sensibly, ran together, got each other through the bad patches and I just love running by the sea. It wasn’t super fast, but it was just a great race.

IMG_5381 IMG_5386

5. I’ll never forget my first half marathon. I ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon and loved it (I REALLY want to do this again!). It was one of my first experiences of running past the huge landmarks in London and on closed roads! I had a few friends that I knew were also running and I managed to see some of them on the course. I think it was one of the first times I really saw the running community, and how everyone was supportive of each other. I wanted a sub 2 hour time, but missed it by 28 seconds! Still to this day that stands as my PB, but I am determined to go sub 2 soon!

I never realised how much i loved fake tan back then!!

So there you have it! I’ve noticed a bit of a theme going through my best bits! I love running with people! So, I’m off to book some more races with friends!

What are your top memories? Do you like running with people?

I ran, and I loved it!

I am pleased to report that I finally made it out for a run again last night (only 3 weeks post London) and I loved it! I put my Garmin on, but made a conscious decision to not look at it, and to not stress about the distance!

I have spent such a long time plodding along and being out on long runs, so this run was exactly what I needed!


Loving the pace starting with a 9!!!

Now all I have to do is get back in to a routine and be consistent! Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope everyone’s running is on top form.

Who’d have thought….

…that I could be so excited over a 1.83-mile jog!!! So I went out again today to try out my orthotics. Choosing to walk the first part of my route, partly to avoid having to run up the slight incline outside my house, but also to take things easy and see how my feet felt. By the top of the hill, I was desperate to start running, so I thought, take it easy and stop when you need too. 1.83 miles later I was back at home!!

This run has made me realise why I love running so much. Even with the nights being dark and the weather heading towards freezing, it felt great to be outside and running. Smiling with each step that I took. I thought about all the training that I am about to embark on in the lead up to London. Can you believe that I am actually looking forward to it? (I am going to have to read this back, around the end of Feb, when I am tired and struggling to stick with my training plan!)

One of my downfalls of late is not stretching. I have read so many times how important this is, especially when training for a marathon! And, even though I haven’t actually started my plan (and won’t until the 23rd December) I am determined to make stretching a habit! So I am using the Nike Training Club App and completing the Kara Goucher’s Pro Running Stretches – I know I’m not a Pro, but I think it’s ok for me to do them!!! On the days that I have not run, I am doing Shawn Johnson’s stretches on the app. So far so good!

The test now is going to be how my feet respond tomorrow. Fingers crossed, as I really want to be able to run again this week…