Runderwear and Running Awards products.

In my last post (here), I did say that I was going to write in more detail about the products that I was gifted at the Runderwear Run, and The Running Awards.

The run that I participated was led by Secret London Runs, which prior to this event I hadn’t heard of. The first contact I had with them was when I posted the night previous to the event, tagging them in on Instagram and Twitter, saying how I was nervous. Reassuringly, they promptly got back to me, saying that I will be fine and that they are looking forward to running with me. I thought this was lovely, as it did put me at ease.

When I turned up to Millennium Pier, there were many runners there, and quite quickly we were spoken to by Vanessa. She was bubbly, happy and engaging, putting me at ease immediately. I opted to go with the slower group which Vanessa was leading. Vanessa was 6 months pregnant, so I hoped that meant I could keep up. She was very quick to tell us that we would go at the pace of the slowest in our group, so no one was to be left behind.

I really must learn to pose when cameras are around! Photo Credit Runderwear

We set off and within minutes we were discovering sections of London that I never knew existed – admittedly history isn’t my strong point. It was obvious that London history was a passion of Vanessa’s, and she delivered it, in an informative and fun way. Secret London Runs have not asked me to write any reviews or promote their company, but I can’t help raving about it. I have already spoke to my club about a group of us signing up, and then went to my RunMND group and told them about it. Abby from Running Abby has recommended the Christmas tour, so I am definitely going to try and organise a private tour then. The tour prices vary around the £20 per person mark. The private tours depend on numbers and distance. See photo

Private running tour costs with Secret London Runs

As the run and running awards were sponsored by Runderwear, we were gifted personalised kit to wear. As I said in my previous post, I have been a fan of Runderwear for a while now, but have only ever purchased their pants. This time I was gifted a t-shirt, pants and a crop top to wear. When I received the kit and tried it on, I was concerned about the crop top. Although it was very soft and comfortable, I didn’t feel it provided the support that I needed. So on the run, I wore my shock absorber under the crop top. I was wearing an XL, and did wonder if a L may have provided more support. The pants are seem free and so comfortable to wear. I must admit, even though I am a big fan, I did opt to buy similar running underwear from Decathlon as it was cheaper, but being back in Runderwear made me realise the other briefs are cheaper as the quality and the softness is just not as good as Runderwear.


The founders of Runderwear spoke at the Blogger Forum, and I was interested to hear, that they are about to launch more bras, with many sizes available, and I will definitely try them, as I am hoping that they are a little more supportive for the larger busts. I also noticed a tweet recently, that they are looking for brand ambassadors, so I am thinking of applying. I don’t exactly have the figure to promote underwear, but runners come in all sizes, so what have a lose by applying!

When we arrived at The Running Awards in the evening, we were gifted a good bag, and were given a free pair of Enertor insole.

Keep a check out on my MNDAD@70 raffles as some of these may just end up as prizes!

Again, this was a company I was unaware of prior to this event. They spoke about the product, but they really had me excited when they demonstrated how shock absorbent the insoles were. They dropped a glass bauble from about 7 foot onto the insole and it bounced. They then removed that insole, and dropped it from the same height and it smashed on the floor. A similar experiment can be seen here with an egg.

I have put the insoles in to my trainers and have run twice in them. Although they feel springy, I was silly and picked up a pair of size 5 insoles, forgetting that my trainers are a 6.5, so I can just feel that they are too small around my toes. I am hoping that I can change them for a larger size, so that I can give a more accurate review of the insoles.

Again, for transparency I paid £15 for my ticket to The Running Award, but the run and the products were gifted to me. So thank you to Team Runderwear, Secret London Runs, Enertor, Tikiboo, Mud & Blood, Veloforte, Go Bites, and Hala bar.

The fun filled day of running has really fuelled my love for running, and it was great to meet so many like minded people. Be prepared for a new lease of life in my blog, as my head seems to be exploding with lots of ideas! In my crazy running phase, I have also signed up to Manchester Marathon and put my name in the ballot for London Marathon!! Please make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, for my daily musings about running. Also ensure that you have entered your email to the front page, so that you never miss a post.


Training for a marathon is tough. Personally, I feel the training is harder than the marathon itself. The cold dark nights, when all you want to do is curl up in front of the fire and TV, but your  training plan shouts ‘intervals‘ at you instead! The 5am breakfast to fuel yourself for your long run/race and the constant running on tired legs – marathon day is easy in comparison! (Well, not exactly easy, but….)

SO, when I received an email asking me if I wanted a sample of  FLEXISEQ Sport, a topically applied, drug-free gel that lubricates damaged surfaces within joints to relieve pain and stiffness, why would I say no!


What does it claim to do: (Taken from FLEXISEQ website)

  • Lubricates cartilage in your joints
  • Effective non-drug product
  • Relieves joint pain and stiffness

FLEXISEQ® Sport gel is a topically applied, non-drug gel that lubricates damaged surfaces within joints to relieve pain and stiffness. It is clinically proven to be as effective as a prescription painkiller at relieving even chronic osteoarthritic joint pain.

A recent study investigating FLEXISEQ Sport as a treatment for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) has shown that the non-drug gel reduced muscle soreness faster than a prescription oral painkiller (ketoprofen 100mg, twice daily) with those treated with FLEXISEQ Sport finding their muscle soreness was cleared on average 12 hours faster than those using the oral drug.

FLEXISEQ® Sport adopts one of the world’s premier anti-doping laboratories’ batch testing protocols, to offer further assurance the non-drug product is safe to use by athletes and anyone else subject to anti-doping rules, for example those in the armed forces.

FLEXISEQ® Sport meets the demands of all professional athletes and those who exercise, stay fit or simply enjoy an active life.

It’s clinically proven to be as effective as a prescription painkiller at relieving even chronic joint pain and was recently named as a gold medal award winner in the Best Injury Prevention Products category of the Men’s Running magazine awards 2015.

So here is what I thought about it:

I used the gel when my knees were a little sore after some long runs. At first, I thought it must have been a coincidence that the stiffness eased quite quickly. I know it claims to be as effective as a painkiller, but I am always sceptical. As the mileage has increased, I have found myself using it more and more, and I definitely haven’t experienced the stiffness and soreness in my knees that I usually get.

When other runners have been describing niggles, I have found myself suggesting to them that they should try this gel. I’m not totally convinced that it’s because I think it will solve everything, but I am sure it is helping ease my joints.

My husband suffers with arthritis in his hands, and when it is bad, he used this gel and he said that it ‘dulled the pain, and relieved the symptoms.

Obviously this gel was gifted to me to try, but this review is my honest opinion, and I am sure that even though this has quite a hefty price tag for a gel, I will purchase more.


For regular readers of this blog, you will know I am a fan of Tribesports kit. Last year, they generously donated a £50 voucher for me to raffle, to help raise funds for MNDA.

I first came across their kit, when they were link to Marathon Talk Jantastic programme. Katie and myself used to rival each other all the way through the programme, so when I needed to buy her a present, it was a no brainer to buy her a Jantastic top.


Katie modelling her new top, and I managed to catch her with flying feet 🙂

I was very impressed with the quality of the top, and it was not long after I bought a couple of their long sleeve running tops, and to be honest, I have pretty much lived in them all winter. The are lightweight, comfortable, long and warm. They also come in some really pretty colours too!

They are now involved with the Parkrun community, and I know it’s not going to be long before I purchase one of their Parkrun t-shirts; you can even have them personalised to your home park run!

So, why am I telling you all this? They recently sent me a referral code through, so if anyone is looking for new kit and have not shopped at Tribesports before, you can get 20% off your first order and I get £10 gifted to me for introducing a new customer. Please feel free to share and happy shopping.

Product review: #RMR Skort

After last year’s marathon, I kind of went quiet on the blog, until I started my training for this year’s attempt. I have thought lots about why I blog, and to be honest, I’m not totally sure why, but I actually enjoy it! So I have been thinking of how to expand it, and what else I could write about, other than logging my training. So here goes for my first product review.

I have been a member of the running community Run Mummy Run for a long time. I actually joined when it was Mums on the Run! I love the support that the community give to each other via Facebook and Twitter and sock spotting is a hobby of mine now at all races. I remember running Brooklands Half marathon last year, wearing my RMR compression socks and at about Mile 2 a lady came up besides me and said, “If I said RMR to you, does that mean anything?” Instantly I had a new friend, and I ended up running the entire race chatting away to Judi. She is a remarkable lady, and I was so glad I wore my socks, as I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed that run as much, had I not met her.

So, where is the product review? I hear you ask!

I needed to explain how important and wonderful the community are, so it makes sense why I bought the skort! I have seen running skorts on Twitter for a while now and SkinnyRunner always has them on when I check out her race pictures, but I never thought that I would purchase one! I don’t really have a runners figure!

In the lead up to London, I wished I had more RMR kit, as I knew that there would be a lot of ladies on the course as well as the cheer point at Mile 19, so I ordered the skort. I knew that I would not be wearing it for the marathon, but I just got it anyway. (I know that doesn’t make too much sense, but that’s me!)


First run after marathon had to be in finishers T-shirt and RMR Skort!


I am not a big shorts wearer for running, I have never been graced with a thigh gap, so find that shorts chafe, ride up and make me very uncomfortable. I have tried cycling style shorts, but I just don’t have the figure for them. So when my skort arrived, I kind of expected to put it on and like it, but never really wear it, as it just wouldn’t be me! Oh, how wrong was I? I LOVE IT!


Obviously not me!


I haven’t run a long distance in it yet, but that’s mainly as I haven’t really run a long distance since London, but up to 5k, the skort has been amazing. So why do I like it so much?

  •  It’s much longer than I thought it would be, so I am not self-conscious about my big thighs.
  • It is really comfortable around my waist.
  • The shorts underneath do not ride up, so I am not constantly having to pretend to look over my shoulder, just to release my shorts! (Is that just me that does that?)
  • The pattern is lovely, and I like it stands out, and is clearly RMR kit.
  • I love that I feel girlie, without it being bright pink!
  • The material is very soft and comfortable.
  • It washes well.
  • It is very good value.


Luckily it matches my jacket!


I was trying to think if there were any negatives, and I honestly can’t think of any. If you are tempted I would say go for it. It can be ordered here. As this is my first review, if I have missed something obvious, or you just want more information please leave questions below and I’ll get back to you.

This is not a sponsored post, I purchased the skort myself and this review is just my opinion!