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Berlin Marathon 2021 / Marathon Training Week 8

Berlin Marathon Training – Week 8

Let’s just address the elephant in the room straight off, Berlin Marathon training week 8 DID NOT go to plan! I was determined not to miss a session this week after missing one each of the last few weeks. So, technically I did achieve that! I didn’t miss one session, I missed THREE!

I always knew that this week was going to be tricky, but I really didn’t expect to miss three sessions, but it happened. 

I am desperately trying not to beat myself up about it! It happened, it is what it is and we move on!

Trainer and trees with blog title over photo


Stats: 6 Miles easy run | Average pace: 11:46 min/miles

Seriously tired today, so I was super proud of myself to actually get this run completed. The football the previous day had really taken it out of me! (Maybe the previous 7 weeks of marathon training might have made me tired too!) I talked myself into running but opting for a run/walk strategy. The treadmill allowed me to pace sensibly, 9 minutes running and 1 minute walking, whilst catching up with Kellogs on the run Vlogs. 

It was a real sweat fest, but I was happy to get the miles banked. Even though my head was fatigued, my legs felt surprisingly okay.


Stats: 1.5 mile WU, 6 X 800, 1.5 mile CD | Pace

Today 🤯 When I have sessions, I like to get them completed early, but I knew this was not going to happen today. My dog had to go to the vets early and then I headed to Milton Keynes. I have been looking at buying a new hydration vest for a while. As the world is moving more and more online, I am really struggling to buy things. I find myself looking and looking, but not taking the final push of buying something as I want to try it on first! Crazy, as I know that things can be returned, but I haven’t got into this mentality yet! If anyone has any suggestions for good hydration vest, please let me know.

Anyway, I digress! But basically I went in search of trying on a new hydration vest – yet still didn’t buy one!

The plan was then to run in the afternoon once we had collected the dog. Well, then it didn’t happen. I’m not going to go into it, but basically we have a bit of a nightmare with our neighbour and I spent most of the early evening dealing with the police!

So my run had to take place after dinner, but then that requires me waiting for the food to go down! I finally jumped on the tread at 8 PM! I wasn’t totally sure that I would complete all the session, but once into it I was loving it!

The conversion to KM’s didn’t quite work out and I ended up doing an extra rep, but 8 miles in total. Annoyingly my watch doesn’t record the pace correctly but the 800m reps were done at 11 km/h, 11.1 km/h 11.2 km/h, 11.3 km/h, 11.4 km/h, 11.5 km/h and then 11.6 km/h. So I was happy with that. The reps actually felt a little easier on the tread as I couldn’t go off at crazy paces and then have to hang on as usual.


Stats: REST


Stats: 1 mile WU, 5 miles tempo, 1 mile CD | Average pace 10:06, Tempo miles pace 9:42

After failing miserably for the last 2 weeks with pace, this week I set this session on my watch and actually put pace boundaries in. Good news, it worked a treat. It beeped at me a few times saying that I was going too fast, but 3 of my 5 tempo miles were 9:43, so I think I settled into this pace quite well.

It scares me though, as I’m not sure that I would be able to hold that pace for 26.2 miles. I know it’s early days, so it is something that I will work up too, but still! It is scary!


Stats: 5 miles easy | Average pace Did Not Start (DNS)

I went up to see my sister today and the 2 hour journey up and 2 hour journey back, plus a long day meant I got back late and was tired. 


Stats: 6 miles easy | Average pace: DNS

My Great Aunty Val turned 80 and the family were getting together to celebrate. The get together was in Poole, so it was a long journey there and back. Lucky for me my sister drove, yet I still felt shattered. By the time I got home, I knew my run wasn’t going to happen.

Also, I knew I was going to struggle with my planned early morning run. Not only because I was tired, but because I hadn’t fuelled and hydrated well at all. I hate letting people down, but I cancelled my meet up with Sue and planned to run Sunday afternoon.


Stats: 10 mile long run | Average pace DNS

Who plans to run in the afternoon when we are experiencing a heatwave? Yep, that will be me and yep my session didn’t take place! I could have waited for much later and to be honest, if I had someone to run with I may have, but the thought of running alone later at night concerns me now.

Instead, I jumped on the Peloton and completed the Spice Girl ride. It was hard work and my legs felt heavy. I struggled to keep up and sweated huge amounts! It may not have been my run, but it was still a good work out! 


The week may not have been a solid week, but I still covered 21 miles and finally nailed my pacing. With the school summer holidays now upon us, I know that I am going to work hard to stick to the plan. Early mornings may have to become my go to now! Onwards we go and lets hope week 9 is a better one!

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